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  1. I was wondering the same thing? Well...at least not anyone here who want to tell us about it.
  2. When I first saw the email ad I thought they must be making space for some new concepts. After reading all the above comments I gave it a bit more thought. It makes perfect sense from a business stand point for them to clear out these older prototypes while they are still in high demand. There is a lot of capitol tied up in these cars and we are not talking about a multi-billion dollar company here. Assuming there will be new concepts of future models (Fusion?, Explorer?, well at least a few '15 Mustang versions for sure) ) how many can they keep for museum/ historical purposes. I just don't see this as a fire sale type of move, just good business. Besides, they are not likely to sell all of them at once, so at some point after a several are sold they may just keep the remaining ones around. Another consideration is the auto-media buzz this will create while we continue to wait for the next gen Shelby's. Everything I see happening in recent times all looks like a solid re-enforcement of the future business plans. just my 2 cents.
  3. Hal, You might want to check your list again. You say you need two of the #3 but then you list three of the #3 for trade. Also it might help to know which car / year you want for those of us who don't know them by numbers. I saw these in the stores about 6 weeks ago. My local Walmart here in south NJ only had them for a few days before they sold out. They had one of the '62 Mustang I concept car mixed in with the regular pegged cars last time I was there. I thought it was odd that all eight cars had custom deco's and not one had a factory paint style but I know these are meant as toys for kids. I haven't seen the five packs in any stores here yet. They're not exclusive, are they?
  4. That's certainly a wild combination! They should take some pictures of it outside in the sunlight. I noticed they call it #39, but all the picture show it to be #36. That is one of the cars shown getting built at Watson up on the lifts. I may be wrong but I think there are only 3 green 2014 CJ's built.
  5. I don't know the exact reason but, I imagine it didn't make a difference. 2014 is the first year for this option on the CJ. It was developed by the builder of theses cars, Watson Engineering. I know it was in direct response to that 2013 wheel stand wreck that was all over the web last year. (I think Watson helped to rebuild that car for Mike Harris). There's a great picture of the wheelie bar from the underside in some of the 2014 build pictures from the Watson Facility. It's looks to be engineered perfectly to the chassis set up.
  6. That is interesting to see a 2010 Cobra Jet in the Shelby museum. I guess they are just trying to rotate the displays so repeat visitors have something new to look at. I really need to get out there someday...soon!
  7. richstang


    How about any new GTS's? Anyone? It sure got quiet in here since the new Shelby GT package was announced.
  8. LOL, I guess I should have written it as "other than ebay" The same 2-3 2014 CJ's have been on there for a several weeks, especially the black with red graphics cars.. What happened to the Gotta Have IT Green CJ's? I've only seen one of them so far of the 50 built for 2014.
  9. Thanks, I called over to North Bay Ford. They confirmed 2014 #47 is Flat Black with red graphics and the wheelie bar. That must be Napa Ford Lincoln. 2014 #32 is White with red graphics and the wheelie bar. Anyone else know of these 2014 CJ's at a Dealership?
  10. Hey CSSHLBYKID; It's much later...don't leave us hanging for those pictures.
  11. Hey I'm 1 for 1. Actually, I just saw it up on evilbay for $99.9K
  12. B Shelby, Thanks for sharing those pictures! What's the dealer's name/location. Also, would you happen to know what number it is? Same time posting, I think #37 is at Kerlin Motor's in Silver Lake
  13. Looking forward to the pictures. I'm going to guess it will have the red graphics and the wheelie bar. The blue graphics seems to be fairly rare. Supposedly 45 of the 50 built for '14 will have the wheelie bar option. Seems like a smart option to add after seeing the '13 last year shoot the nose in the air and wreck.
  14. richstang


    I thought there was a 2012 black v8 coupe made with a supercharger. It might be the same car that went to Galpin Ford or I might have it mixed up with the 0033 car that went to Kansas, (posted on ebay).
  15. Great video of the sketches and design elements. I saw several versions in there that were in my opinion were sharper / cleaner looking in the front fascia area. I really like the cabin section with the long flowing fastback line (Aston Martin for certain). The car appear more sporty in style and more European with Mustang element added in places. I wish they added a few more classic feature in the body and less fusion styling in the front fascia. The headlights and fog light areas are my least favorite features of this new design.
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