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  1. Thanks Jeff for your reply. Needless to say my stomach is in knots.
  2. Anybody out there know where I can buy an original replacement grille? My 08 SGT got hit by a deer last week and I have been searching the web but no results. She was a cream puff and needs the best parts. Please can anybody help!!
  3. Looks really good. Where did you find the billet grille? I just hit deer on 08 SGT and can't find a replacement.
  4. WOW I'm really excided about the new SGT. I love my 08 SGT vert as much if now more than the 66 GT350 I had for 45 years. I was looking of a low millage GT500 to add to my stable but not now. I'm thinking of a new SGT coupe to compliment the 08. My only concern is that a 2011,12 Kona blue or 2013,14 Deep Impact blue coupe won't look good beside the Vista blue (which is the prettiest of the blues) convertible.
  5. Shelby GT convertable
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