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  1. Thanks I got my order it . They never called it was much better when Shelby did it ?
  2. I can't renew . I went on team shelby and it said I cannot purchased it said I did which I did not . I called go run round . Told to call Calf for get no one picks up ?
  3. Me I have a GTS which is a much better car and looks a 100 times better then the GTE
  4. 1sgt


    I was looking at the recent gallery images I like to know what that wheel is and can we get it ??
  5. what is a Signature Edition only ? and what does SS not have ?
  6. I looked at that car at Shelby's when it was for sale and they wanted $ 100,000 for her . I didn't get it because it didn't have all the toys with for a $ 100,000 .
  7. I wanted to do it on my 2013 GTS and they wouldn't do it ?
  8. Back from the National and we did it again 1st place . They had some great cars at the show even had a Shelby GT white with a blue stripe but the GTS was the best .
  9. BOY's you should have gone with the SS you could have it your way
  10. So no one going to the National show in N,Y . I seen a lot of show's on the forum and no GTS ? Well with only 29 of us your not going to see to many ?
  11. I was just thinking that's all ?
  12. Maybe Shelby can tell us what State she went to ??
  13. On the 2011 GTS prototype I have book on the VIP collection concept and prototype vehicles . It showed the GTS for sale for $50,000 . In the SHELBYS 50 year book it shows the car as being naturally-aspirated V-6 automatic and gray ? So what happen to the car ??
  14. What was color of the concept car and what did she have in her .
  15. Am I right 31 GTS made and only 2 prototype's . No concept's
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