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  1. 2012, Red with white stripes are the best looking and most collectible IMO ! If there were enough available Jay Leno would surely own one !
  2. Just under 500 miles on all 3 of them.
  3. Wow ! Pretty mean spirited. Not sure Mongoose deserved all that. The intent of his posts are always good natured, exuding enthusiasm and ultimately trying to be helpful. He's just trying to have fun ! I wonder how he'd feel after reading it, and how you felt after writing it.
  4. Hey CMC Motorworks,

    I know that you are well versed in all things SGTs. Do you happen to know of anyone who has an 07 SGT grill and surround and/or an 08 SGT grill?  



  5. I'm interested in the Shelby GT book if still available.
  6. Wow ! Just found out mine's a double "RR" model !
  7. I tell people mine's an "R" model because it's RED !
  8. Go with the GT350 ! You can get a GT500 anytime !
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