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  1. 2012, Red with white stripes are the best looking and most collectible IMO ! If there were enough available Jay Leno would surely own one !
  2. Just under 500 miles on all 3 of them.
  3. Wow ! Pretty mean spirited. Not sure Mongoose deserved all that. The intent of his posts are always good natured, exuding enthusiasm and ultimately trying to be helpful. He's just trying to have fun ! I wonder how he'd feel after reading it, and how you felt after writing it.
  4. I'm interested in the Shelby GT book if still available.
  5. Wow ! Just found out mine's a double "RR" model !
  6. I tell people mine's an "R" model because it's RED !
  7. Go with the GT350 ! You can get a GT500 anytime !
  8. Okay, Sorry ! But let me mention that someone has deleted and or edited my above post as to the name of the entity licensing my car. It is not TRT. Just so you understand, I can see how you would totally misunderstand take it out of context and that is unfair as I was only making an attempt to clear the issue up! Now read it again. I fixed it.
  9. I believe there has been a misunderstanding of licensing on my Terlingua Tribute car. All along my car was and is being licensed by and in the registery of another entity, not TRT, as a "Racing Heritage Car". And they are actually paying for the rights. A lot of drama about nothing. I never strung the 2 together in sentence as the car being officially licensed by TRT. Only stated that it was an "Officially Licensed Car". But not saying by whom. Sorry about the confusion, and I hope this clears things up. It might be a good idea for everyone involved to reread and reintroduce themselves to the roots of TRT which was based on fun, sarcasm and humor. All of which is why the original "Rat Pack" formed the Terlingua Racing Team in the first place. That might help lighten things up a little. Anyway, It's just cars people. It's supposed to be fun !
  10. I think it looks fantastic. I wouldn't change a thing. Get it, drive it, and give it a chance to grow on you for a while. One thing for sure is you'll get a lot of thumbs up while cruising !
  11. That's because he is a "Forward Thinking Visionary" !
  12. I disagree. I think the letters you used are simple and perfect for the size of the area you placed them. Once you tear that factory front splitter off, you'll probably go with a carbon fiber replacement anyway. The embossed plastic splitter is a lame, halfhearted, minimalistic, noncommittal attempt by Ford to put the Shelby name on the car. Only trying to capitalize on the name attachment to GT350, (evident by the huge ADM's dealers have been trying to get) without paying much homage to Carroll Shelby himself ! Not sure who they think they're fooling ! It's not that I really care one way or the other, just don't be on the fence about. Either make it a Shelby or a Ford GT350. One or the other ! Decide and go with it ! If the decision is to be a Shelby, it should have had raised letters on the trunk lid in the first place, and in a few more places to boot!
  13. Looks Fantastic ! I have a set of these letters lying around somewhere. Now I'm going to have to buy a new GT350 just to put them on !
  14. Okay ! It's time you all heard from a voice of calm and reason ! Shelby American is FINE !
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