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  1. So this beauty stopped by the speed shop down the street from me.
  2. Yeah, sucker is low. First pic is crawling into my driveway. On my 20's it's about 3 3/4" off the ground. Even lower on the 18's at the track.
  3. This is it folks! Your official kickoff to Summer! SVTOA Seattle is proud to bring you our 12th annual Rendezvous. We will have great food from Happy Grillmore, tee shirts, door prizes, and Griots discounts. Any year Ford cars and Trucks are welcome! 10:00am May 18 At Griot's Garage in Tacoma It's $20 if you get preregistered. $25 within 2 weeks of the show. Here's the link to Register: http://www.svtoaseattle.com/rendezvous-sign-up.html
  4. Completely normal, it's the tires skipping against the pavement, nothing more. My car did it when new and after suspension install. It's the scrub radius of the front suspension geometry exacerbated by the cold, hard rubber.
  5. installation instructions come with
  6. I'll be widening my rears to 10.5-11" this winter, Planning on running 305/30-20 MPSS.
  7. I just put Stillen slotted rotors on the wife's Terminator. I like them a lot for the price. They even have directional cooling vanes inside the rotor vents.
  8. My '11 and my wife's '11 Fusion both have this feature.
  9. Got mine done a month ago. I really like it.
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