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  1. This car has been on the Cardinale website for little over a year. When it was first posted, the car had stripes. Sometime in late spring 2019, new photos appeared in their ad WITHOUT stripes. I called to inquire what happened and was told by the salesman "I don't know". When I asked if there was someone there who might be able to shed some light on why the stripes were removed...he said "probably not". Add in that they don't even know what car their selling (calling it a GT350) makes one wonder what else they don't know about the car?
  2. ..............well said, Steven
  3. ............and green and gold...and there were even a few white with blue stripes !
  4. I'm going with the middle one also. The parking lights appear different and 67 correct.
  5. Hey ers61 Congrats on the new family member and welcome to the Forum. Lots of knowledge on these pages. As for registering your car, about 1/4 the way down the Forum Home page, look for topic Shelby American Registry. Click on the first subtopic "Register your Shelby" and follow the steps.
  6. Don't have a part number but SPP @ 702-405-3500 should be of help......... https://www.teamshelby.com/topic/93906-are-these-shadow-lights-available-anywhere/
  7. ers61................ Congratulations and welcome to the family of GTH enthusiasts
  8. It appears Full Throttle Classics (the business selling 16H0001C) may have gone out of business. Their website has been "temporarily unavailable" for several weeks and attempts to make contact by email have gone unanswered as have phone calls to various phone numbers. One number did have a recording to leave a message but there's been no response to a message left. Anyone from the Long Island, NY area know if they're re-opening or..........?? Has anyone seen 16h0001C pop up on any other site?? update: a google search results with a red flag stating permanently closed.....
  9. C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S on your new GTH........Looking forward to the photos
  10. If you are inquiring about the Mustang's build date from the Flat Rock plant......then look at the Hertz owners packet for your car, I believe the build date is printed on both the Monroney window sticker and Certificate of Origin document. OR..........Give your vin to your Ford dealer and they can run an Oasis report.
  11. Jereon... I replaced that exact piece on my 06 GTH. I believe this part on 06 and 07 is the same. It's a Ford part and available from your local Ford dealer. The part number I ordered is 5R3Z-17626-BA. I suggest you check the condition of the "filler" piece which attaches to the very bottom of the front fascia. It's a piece that goes all the way across the front of the car..wheel well to wheel well. It's critical because the front of the piece above attaches to that "filler". It's also a Ford part....#7R3Z-17C947-AA. Dick
  12. msmap......... That plate was on csm 16h0075 PM sent
  13. after clicking on the link in the first post above, directly below the large, bold "2006", the next 2 line items are the links to 06h001 and 06h002
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