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  1. Car 295....need documents

    Congratulations on receiving the Hertz documents. It's good to know they (Hertz) still has unclaimed owners packets. There's at least a possibility the dealership from whom you purchased the car did not buy the car at auction since a quick check of Carfax shows the car was previously registered in the same area as the dealership for a few years. Could the car have been traded in?? If so, the dealer should then be able to put you in touch with the previous owner?? Worth a shout out to the dealership....better yet, the salesman you dealt with.
  2. Karl Thank you for pointing out the Craig's List post.....another pair of eyes is always welcome. Dick
  3. Car 295....need documents

    Steve Fleske has retired ....Mike Beard is now the Hertz contact person. mbeard@hertz.com I believe the phone # is unchanged Steven Thornton is the current Shelby contact stevent@shelby .com
  4. I counted 30 of the 2016 GT-H's for sale.

    I think we've beat this into submission. Hard as I try, I can't wrap my head around the fact that 2 folks, logging into the same site, could see such wildly different results. In an effort to better understand what could be going on with the Hertz site, I followed your lead from above. Over a span of about 15 minutes, I logged into the site 4 times, each time using a different path to hopefully arrive at the final destination of the list of GTHs for sale. I could not replicate your results. My efforts got me to the same page each time. ......... a total of 47 cars for sale......39 listed as GTHs........8 listed as GTs..........34 listed @ $44900, the remaining 13 at various other dollars. It's confusing to say the least. But I think you said it best up above............."it is what it is".
  5. I counted 30 of the 2016 GT-H's for sale.

    I guess I'm not being clear and for that I apologize. Let me try again....... Most of what you've said is spot on. Yes, I agree, there are many things that affect a search. My intent was simply to point out the misleading GT listing. Make no mistake, I'm not disputing your observations. All I'm trying to point out is that what you've seen in the last 24-36 hours is NOT routine or regular adjustments to the site by Hertz. I've been camped on the Hertz site for over a year...ever since they listed the first GTH for sale. I visit that site a least one a day, 7 days a week. Now, while I can't comment on the Hertz IT department or whether their inventory management system is stone age or state of the art, it really doesn't concern me. The only interest I have is the info on the screen when I sign on their site. Given my frequency of visits to the Hertz site, I can say with absolute certainty there is no evidence of regular, routine updating (I'm speaking about only GTHs) whether it's done "live" or by manual input. I have seen things change sometimes as frequently as 2 and 3 times in one day and the flip side is as common. I've seen 3, 4 and 5 days roll by with nothing different. The only activity which can be said to remotely follow a schedule has been their periodic price adjustments....which seem to occurred every 1-2 months. That, by the way, is what is currently taking place. Over the past couple days, Hertz has done price adjusts on 41 of the 47 cars. And if past pricing adjustment timelines are any indication, the process typically takes 24-48 hours (depending upon how many cars are involved). Bottom line seems to be...when the cars were selling, there was activity...cars being added to replace those sold. If the cars were NOT moving, the site was inactive, for days at a time. Hope I've helped clear it up. Lastly, I'm curious about a point you made in the previous reply posted a few hours ago. If I'm understanding you correctly, you said there were only 45 cars listed on the Hertz site. Am I understanding correctly?? ...the same 47 cars have been continuously listed since Monday. I'm confused that 2 folks can look at the same site yet apparently see something different.
  6. I counted 30 of the 2016 GT-H's for sale.

    Yes, that's correct......sites do update. But in this case, as you can see on my post where I maintain a list of Shelby GTHs for sale ("06, 07 & '16 GTHs currently for sale ............."), the Hertz listing of GTHs has changed only once in the last couple days. This has been the norm for as long as they (Hertz) has been listing these cars. They are not routinely adding and removing GThs on a daily basis. I believe the confusion of how many cars are currently on their site comes from how Hertz identifies the cars. For reasons I cannot explain, Hertz chooses to list most of the GTHs as a "2016 Ford Mustang GT-H", but there's always a handful identified as "2016 Ford Mustang GT ". (Right now, today, there's 8 GTHs listed as "GTs) So if someone goes to the Hertz Car Sales site and goes through the multi-step search process, unless you know to check both GTH and GT boxes, you won't see them all. To add further confusion, every once in awhile, I've seen Hertz list one of these GTHs as a "2016 Ford Shelby GT-H".
  7. I counted 30 of the 2016 GT-H's for sale.

    Actually, there are 47 GTHs currently listed on the Hertz site...........and 28 are priced @ $44900.
  8. 2016 GT-H Owners (CSM's and Photos)

    Here's the embroidery .........
  9. I counted 30 of the 2016 GT-H's for sale.

    Hello Guest FWIW………It sounds as though you are at some stage of negotiations. The 4 page Shelby invoice you’re inquiring about does not have item pricing……only a total $ value. But those documents are all “car specific” and I would think the bank would require information specific to the car the loan was being applied for rather than a list off the internet referring to a similar car. Additionally, there is some degree of confusion as to whether a particular item was installed on all, some or none of the automatic transmission GT-Hs. This uncertainty is another reason to provide the bank with information relating to your specific car of interest. If you are looking at one of the cars currently offered by a private dealership, many of their ads state they have their car's Shelby invoice so they could supply you with exactly what you need……specific to the car you’re interested in. If you are looking at one of the cars offered at a Hertz store, in all likelihood they will NOT have the actual Shelby invoice but could certainly provide you, on a Hertz letterhead document, a list of the components installed by Shelby…….and again, they (Hertz), should make it specific to the car you are interested in purchasing. Best of luck on this journey………hopefully you’ll be back to finish the story with photos of your new ride.
  10. 06 Hertz for sale on Ebay with 07 CSM ?

    ..........engine bay photo is of the wrong car also......it's of an '07...not an 06.
  11. List of GT-H Goodies

    QSS Here's your list from a similar thread back in Dec 2011. The list seems to include just about anything GT-H related. DIECAST CARS 1/64 2006 diecast car in blue packaging 1/64 2007 diecast car in blue packaging 1/64 2007 diecast car in red packaging 1/64 2007 diecast car with white tires and white interior in red packaging - 1 of 48 LE 1/64 2006 diecast car in black/gold packaging 1/64 2006 diecast car covered in dirt in black/gold packaging and labeled "after the race" - 1 of 24 LE 1/64 2006 diecast car with white tires, gold rims and gold interior in black/gold packaging - 1 of 24 LE 1/64 2007 diecast car in black/gold packaging 1/64 2007 diecast car covered in dirt in black/gold packaging and labeled "after the race" - 1 of 24 LE 1/64 2007 diecast car with white tires, gold rims and gold interior in black/gold packaging - 1 of 24 LE 1/64 2007 diecast car with dirty tires, gold rims and gold interior in black/gold packaging - 1 of 8 LE from Northwest Fest Main Event 1/18 2006 diecast car - 40th Anniversary Hertz Special Edition 1/18 2006 diecast car - Shelby Collectibles - bought from SA with CS genuine signature 1/18 2007 diecast car - Shelby Collectibles - bought from SA with CS genuine signature 1/15 2006 Eztec radio controlled car 1/25 2006 Revell Muscle model kit CLOTHING *Hoodie with GT-H Shelby Rent-A-Racer on the front & "now thats what I call a rental car" on the back and CS signature bought at SA. *Golf Shirt with GT-H Shelby Rent-A-Racer over the heart and CS signature on the left arm and CS Shelby Automobiles on the right arm bought at SA. *Polo shirt with GT-H Shelby Rent-A-Racer over the heart and CS signature on the left arm and CS Shelby Automobiles on the right arm bought at SA. *T-Shirt with GT-H Shelby Rent-A-Racer on the front of the shirt bought at SA. *2006 Staff Jacket - Letterman leather jacket given to the build team members of the 2006 GT-H with a patch of the 06 GT-H and the 66 GT350H on the back, a 06 patch on the left sleeve, a 66 patch on the right sleeve and Shelby Automobiles on the front over the heart. This particular jacket also has the name "Jesse", who was a member of the 2006 GT-H build team, stitched on the front. *2007 GT-H patch given to build team members to commemorate the build of the 2007 GT-H and was intended to be sewn on the 2006 Staff Jacket. *Shelby GT-H ball hat given to executives and build team members. *GT-H Shelby Rent-A-Racer ball hat bought at SA. SIGNS, BANNERS, POSTERS *Motorcraft Full Synthetic Motor Oil for those who seek the very best - dealer only 23"x35" metal sign with the embossed picture of the 06 GT-H with a reflection of the 66 GT350H. *Rent A Legend Hertz 24"x36" poster displayed at Hertz rental offices. *Shelby GT-H 24"x48" banner with the 66 GT350H and the 06 GT-H cars. MAGAZINES OR BOOK COVERS - all with the 06 GT-H on the cover *Fall 2006 HertzWorld A publication for the employees and Licensees of Hertz Worldwide *May 2006 MPH magazine *July 2006 MuscleCar Enthusiast *The Shelby American #75 *August 2006 Mustang Monthly *September 2006 Motor Trend *Shelby GT-H Return of a Legend..... ADVERTISING *2006 July Road & Track page #29 06 GT-H ad - Rent a legend. *2006 July Car and Driver page #49 06 GT-H ad - Rent a legend. *2006 September Car and Driver page #? 06 GT-H ad - Rent a legend. *2006 ? Road $ Track page #? 06 GT-H ad - Kicks other rental's rear ends. *2007 July Car and Driver page #21 07 GT-H ad - It not only blows the doors off, but the roof too. *2007 ? Road & Track page #? 07 GT-H ad - The Legend goes topless. *2007 September Car and Driver page #31 07 GT-H as - The legend goes topless. *2007 September Road & Track page #9 07 GT-H ad - It not only blows the doors off, but the roof too. *Hertz Rent a Legend. The Shelby GT-H Mustang Convertible. Only from Hertz - A 3 1/2" x 6 5/8" Hertz rental centre handout. *CS Shelby Automobiles, Shelby Corner Cafe 4"x9" flyer with 06 and 07 GT-H on the front (along with 7 other SA cars). *CS Team Shelby The Shelby Autos Club - A Team Shelby Complete Registration form, 8 1/2" x 11" with Carroll Shelby and a 06 GT-H on the front along with a 66 GT350H, 06 GT-H and Carroll Shelby on the back. *media.ford.com, Ford CS Shelby Automobiles Inc., Hertz press flyer. MORE STUFF *Key chain - GT-H Shelby Rent-A-Racer *Decal - GT-H *Rental take-off-hood #116 of 300 with CS genuine signature *Shelby Automobiles "Congratulates" Certificate for my 2007 GT-H *Shelby American Inc. Vehicle Authenticity Certificate for my 2007 GT-H *Shelby Performance Parts - GT-H Engine Caps *Shelby Performance Parts- Shelby GT-H Windshield Banner *Hertz Fun Collection rental contract (for a 07 GT-H I rented from the Flamingo, Las Vegas) *3 page rental receipt (for a 07 GT-H I rented from the Flamingo, Las Vegas) DOCUMENTATION *Certificate of Origin For a Vehicle. *Invoice from Ford to Santa Monica Ford/Herts Corper71I327 - outlines the sale of the car from Ford to Hertz and the shipping of the car to Shelby Automobiles Inc. in Las Vegas. *2 Window stickers. *Shelby Automobiles Inc. Invoice for all Hertz parts, material, paint, labor and overhead supplie by SAI during the build. *Shelby Automobiles Inc Invoice, Manual Transmission Upgrade Invoice for 17 cars. *Letter from Jack Eng (Manager of Fleet Department) outlining the breakdown of the total costs incurred for each of the Manual Transmission Shelby GT-H Convertibles. *Certificate of Title from the State of New Jersey. *Bill of sale from Hertz to the original owner who is/was a Hertz Executive at the time he purchase the car new. *Bill of sale from Hertz Executive to me at the time I purchased the car. *Odometer Disclosure Statement. *Certificate of Title from the Sate of Oklahoma. *Ford Motor Company Clearance Letter for importation into Canada. *Canada Border Services Agency - Tax/GST form and receipt. *Vehicle Importation From 1. *Registrar of Imported Vehicles - Vehicle Inspection Form. *Canadian Tire - Out of Country Inspection Form. *Government of Alberta - Motor Vehicle (Out of Province) Record of Inspection. *Government of Alberta - Out of Province Vehicle Inspection Certificate. Obviously I was a little bored tonight but I will add to this when I find the rest of the stuff QSS Edited December 10, 2011 by QuickSilverShelby
  12. I agree with QSS..... by your description it sounds as though the clip was removed sometime in the past. Just as QSS described, the switch could not be depressed with the clip in place. If you've never seen one, this is what the clip looks like. (apologies for the poor quality photo)
  13. New to the Forum!

    Welcome to the TS Forum.........and yes, "lots of great information" can be found on these pages.
  14. Shelby GT-H Billet caps

    PM sent.....
  15. New Team Shelby site

    Hey johnny1 It is possible to set a default to do just what you're talking about. Follow these instructions...... --sign in to the forum which takes you to the HOME PAGE. DO THIS ONLY AFTER YOU'VE BEEN OFF THE FORUM LONG ENOUGH FOR THERE TO BE SOME NEW POSTS --in the upper left hand corner of the HOME page is a box labeled ACTIVITY. Place your mouse on the word ACTIVITY and it will open a drop-down box directly below labeled MY ACTIVITY STREAM. --Open the drop-down box (click on downward arrow) & you'll see 8 choices listed under DEFAULT STREAMS. --3 of the 8 choices are labeled UNREAD CONTENT. The first one gives you unread content for the last 365 days. You'll want one of the 2 choices at the bottom of the list. Click on the one that best serves your needs....."condensed" or "expanded". --Either choice will result in posts listed under the heading UNREAD CONTENT. Directly under UNREAD CONTENT should be ".............posted since my last visit". Immediately to the right of the large lettering "UNREAD CONTENT" are 3 small faint, difficult to see, circles with icons in them. Click on the one furthest to the right. The circle will turn green with a white check mark inside it. You should be good to go. -- The next time you sign in to the forum, on the HOME PAGE, now click on "UNREAD CONTENT" in the upper right corner of the page and you should have what you're looking for. Just like the old forum.....one click gets you to the unread content since your last visit.