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  1. UPDATE: 2/17/19......The last 2016 GTH that was on the Hertz retail website is "no longer available". SOLD
  2. 2 of the last 3 2016 GTHs listed on the Hertz retail sales website have dropped off in the last 24 hours (sold). Looks like just 1 more left. UPDATE: 1/25/19..Hertz still owns #30 at a Manheim Auction, scheduled to cross the block 1/31. So it looks like Hertz still owns 2. UPDATE: 2/1/19.. Appears as though #30 did not sell on 1/31. #30's next scheduled auction date is 2/7/19. UPDATE: 2/8/19..Appears #30 did not sell on 2/7... Next scheduled auction date 2/14.. UPDATE: 2/15/19.. 16H0030 SOLD
  3. cobraguy69..........the answer to your question about the 2016 GTH dash plaques is NO....they were NOT done the same as the 2006s. The 2016 did not have a dash plaque decal. There was only 1 version of the plaque (the hard version) and it was installed at SA. QSS & MKW..Thanks for the info, guys. #'s 5,6, 9 & ? Anyone want to take a stab at what the 4th csm number was??
  4. QSS & MKW Do either of you recall which other dash plaques (numbers) were a part of the Ebay listing back in Oct?? Am I remembering correctly.. 4 different plaques?? QSS.....mind my asking which number you got?
  5. I too, wrote and asked the seller about the plaque.....the scratches and discoloring along the edges that are visible in his photos and could he explain where the plaque came from. Was it from a wrecked GTH or part of the owners package? His reply....."the plaque is in mint condition, the scratches and discoloring is on the plastic wrapper". (??) He never addressed where the plaque may have come from. I wrote him back again asking about the plaque's origin...........can he verify its authenticity. It's been a week and still no response. cobraguy69....Point of information. These permanent dash plaques came in the owners packet. The car came with a dash plaque decal.
  6. 06h275......thanks for posting this. I totally missed the McCormick listing. I just spoke to the McCormick folks and was told it did sell...$24k....but no mileage was available. Anyone familiar with this car and know the mileage??
  7. Looking at the Hertz provided Autocheck report for this car, you'll see it was involved in an accident. That no doubt explains the stripe-less front end in some of the photos. In what appears to be the "after repair" photos, they show stripes were applied..........but sadly the wrong grill and grill badge were not replaced. A couple other issues..........the GT-H embroidered floor mats are missing. Looks like generic mats in the trunk. Also, in a couple photos, both carbon fiber shark fins are missing from in front of the rear wheel wells. Yet, in other photos, it appears the left side shark fin is in place....still missing the right side. This car is in need of some serious TLC. lol
  8. Here ya go.......... https://www.teamshelby.com/topic/78992-06-07-16-gt-hs-currently-for-sale-on-various-websites-updated-102318/
  9. To your point of "asking over $80,000"..........I've monitored this car since Valley Ford listed it back in April. They've RAISED...yes RAISED THE PRICE 3 TIMES since listing. And folks think Hertz had a strange marketing strategy with the GT-Hs. lol
  10. Hey Bo Congratulations on owning #146. As for other 2016 GT-Hs out of the country, there are at least 2 exported to England, 2 to Switzerland and 1 is owned in Austria.....along with 1 in Canada and 1 owned in Mexico.
  11. Ken.......once again, congratulations. Looks as though you may have gotten the last GTH from Hertz available on the east coast. The dozen or so cars Hertz has left for sale are in California, plus 1 each in New Mexico, Texas and Arizona.
  12. That would be great. Thank you. Reason I question the mileage....when Hertz was advertising the car earlier this spring, they were stating it had over 23000.0 miles. The current dealership's listing of 2858 miles is likely a typo.
  13. Update: There are 17 cars listed f/s by Hertz and the Tennessee car is off the market...sale pending
  14. Two previously "no longer available" cars were relisted earlier today so the count is back up to 23 on the Hertz site. Yes, most are in California (17); the remaining are........Texas (2), Arizona (2), New Mexico (1) & Florida (1). The Pennsylvania car that "disappeared" from the site the day of the upgrade is still among the missing. This is not the first time this car went missing. It was this very same car that was being hyped by Hertz as the first 2016 GT-H to be sold to the public back in August 2016 (Mecum Auction). A couple weeks before the auction....poof...it was dropped from the docket.
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