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  1. Hertz currently has 11 retired GTH rentals for sale around the country....with 3 different prices.... $69900 is the current price on 9, with the Texas car @ $70025 and the Tenn car @ $67179 http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php/topic/78992-06-07-16-gt-hs-currently-for-sale-on-various-websites-updated-41517/ "and who knows if they sold any" Yes, Hertz has sold 3 cars over the past couple weeks.
  2. He probably did a couple hot laps around the neighborhood after it rolled off the delivery truck. I know I would have.
  3. Your car was a Florida rental. Unfortunately, I can't say what specific location it was assigned to because Florida's DMV registered ALL the cars through Casselberry, Fl, regardless of what city they were destined to rent from. 110 began its rental duties in June 2007 and was retired from the rental fleet (went to auction) in April 2009.
  4. Just like "Jimmy Sak", I used the old fashion means of communication (phone) and my renewal packet was at my door in less than 14 days.
  5. shelbylou...... ......a Jan 2015 Carfax report I have shows 07h387 was registered in Vancouver, BC on Mar 29, 2008, and has since fallen off the radar.
  6. The 2016 IS larger.......but by only a smidge. Looking at the Ford spec sheets for the base Mustang GT for each year (2006 vs 2016) the wheelbases are the same but the 2016 overall length and width is about 1/2 inch greater. The curb weights show the 2016 is just over 200 pounds heavier.
  7. One person's rental experience............ https://www.driveandreview.com/2017/03/06/2016-hertz-shelby-gt-h-mustang-review-serial-number-16h0022/
  8. Similar marking found on 06h358 as what GTH391 found on his shifter bracket. However, these markings are not obvious initials (maybe "KC") or a date.
  9. Hertz has put another 2 GTHs out to pasture..........#'s 124 & 147...... and they are continuing their pricing structure of a "No Haggle $77,500".
  10. Hertz has listed another 2016 GTH. This one is located in Texas and the asking price is a few cents more?? ($77625) . http://www.easyautosales.com/used-cars/2016-Ford-Mustang-Shelby-GT-H-213216911.html
  11. Hertz "Nut" ???? LOL...........kidding aside, I appreciate the kind words....thanks
  12. Yes, I did ask.................and was told they (Hertz) "can't discuss that".
  13. I noticed this morning that GT-H 16h0086 was no longer listed for sale on the Schaumburg, IL Hertz website. A call to the location confirms it has been sold.
  14. PRICE REDUCTION.......... followup The 4th location (Schaumburg, IL) has adjusted the price of their GT-H to that of the other 3...........$77500.
  15. PRICE REDUCTION........... 3 of the 4 2016 GTHs, currently for sale by Hertz, have been reduced in price......from $150k.......now $77,500.
  16. Yup...........that's 1 of 4 that Hertz has been advertising for sale for the past couple of months. Given their "no haggle $150k" asking price, the cars are apt to be sitting in the sun for a while longer.
  17. Part of the mystery solved.............a Florida businessman was the winning bidder for 16h0171. No explanation why Mecum's website still doesn't show the GTH as being sold.
  18. NZ Shelby KR Thanks for the great rundown. I completely agree.........something strange going on here. It certainly raises suspicions when segments of an event video appear edited and scenes are missing.
  19. wonder why the Mecum website is NOT posting any results for the GTH...........neither sold or bid goes on. Every other car shows sold and a selling price OR "bid goes on". I watched the so called live website broadcast and when it came to the GTH, the broadcast went from lot 216 to lot 217......with no mention of 216.1??
  20. Cougarss428........you're absolutely correct. All 3 of the photos used in the BJ auction ad ARE from different cars sold through the Vantage dealer. A quick look through photos of sold '07 GT-Hs on their website, you will spot these exact photos. From what I've been able to determine, Vantage never offered this car for sale. Thus the current photos used to describe the '07 GT-H at Scottsdale 2017 cannot be of the actual car being auctioned but rather representative of the car being auctioned. Interestingly, this car was offered on Ebay back in the summer of 2011 and among the many photos used to describe the car back then, one was a "borrowed" Vantage photo. This practice appears to happens more frequently than I would have guessed. Anyone who followed the promoting of a 2016 GTH at last falls Mecum Monterey 2016 will recognize all the same photos being used by Mecum to promote a different 2016 GT-H at their current Kissimmee 2017 auction.
  21. One of the scarce 2007 GTH M/T Exec cars is scheduled next week @ the Barrett-Jackson "Scottsdale".auction. https://www.barrett-jackson.com/Events/Event/Details/2007-SHELBY-GT-H-CONVERTIBLE-204192
  22. Spoke with the Mecum folks earlier this week. This car is 16H171. (forgot to ask mileage). I believe this car has been on display at Hertz Corporate HQ in Estero, FL. Mecum used photos from 16H018's scheduled appearance at last falls Mecum Monterey where it was scheduled to cross the block.
  23. There are now 4 2016 GT-H's being offered for sale by Hertz............. http://www.hertzcarsalesschaumburg.com/certified/Ford/2016-Ford-Mustang-Schaumburg-d8d9cfae0a0e0adf2f7fe0bb9781a0b5.htm
  24. ............and now there are 3.......... https://www.hertzcarsales.com/Vehicle-Details/2016-Ford-Mustang-Torrance-14880027 note.1: despite the ad appearing a little confusing, (picture of a convertible) the vin IS that of a GTH. note.2: notice the mileage footnote..both the Vegas and Torrance cars are still being rented??
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