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  2. And if one you guys know how to put pics GO FOR !!!!!!!!!!!
  3. She dont get on here , sorry pics of show ON cruisenightpage.com blue licks state park show. The guy that takes the pics are alot better than i could do TKS dave
  4. Last sunday 9-16-12 wife won best of show trophy six foot tall .At blue licks state park show in kentucky 81 and newer class.I have been on 16 hour shifts so i missed this show .Thats are second B>O>S .She keeps reminding me thats the tallest one yet.Its a double edge sword lol
  5. WOW those are cool wish i would have thought of sum of those .Guess i will stick with mine till next august "SHELBYE"
  6. I also have a M90 with upgraded CAI and love it not the fastest but a hella lot of fun .I bought mine used with M90 on it .With 21000 miles no problems sweet Roushcharger I get crap cause its not shelby APPROVED!!!! I tell them look up a SR-71 Thats a SHELBY ROUSH mustang for those that dont know,lmao but my car is KUSTOM to my liking from push to start after i put mine in shelby started selling ,to headlight splitters, Kustom CS-70 wheels ECT,ECT on on So yes their is other superchargers .
  7. Wow got to track my car for the first time running those laps was cool. .Now i see why some of you guys like it. My shelby gt blue vert could have went faster but not by me lol. Hope i didnt slow anyone down behind me .Those GT 40s were sweet souding out there.
  8. Will a older 97/98/lincoln town car temp spare fit on the s197s.They are pretty tall and iam thinkin of puttin a spare in the trunk
  9. Just got hotel last nite hamp. Iam also part of Queencitymustangers of cincy oh I have a 2008 shelby gt my buddy has a 2012 shelby gt500 We are coming around 6 .00 pm friday .Because of work
  10. Just dropped mine off today to get painted today Still loving them
  11. Ok guys heres a little trick i use and it works very well for me . firestone makes a spray can of stuff for tires to spay on to make them shine and protects to . I use it on underhood hoses and plastic works out great for car shows.So give it a try and also a can is only like 2.50 a can dave
  12. Tail of the dragon was great .also did clingmans dome in the smokies great view .We went down with mustang mafia out of ky great time had 26 cars on the dragon 3 were shelbys sweet!! Cat was dead as a door nail when i got out of the car id say when it hit the intercooler it was all over for it .Hood scoop still great cat never got above the license .plate THANK GOODNESS Yea my buddy hit a coon out in new mexico going over a 100+ never left a scratch on his 2012 GT 500 Some times your the bug sometimes your the windshield i guess
  13. We went down to TAIL OF THE DRAGON N C this past weekend .Had a great weekend coming back wife was driving 40 mins from house .Cat comes out of nowhere we hit it .I jump out to look at my car all the inserts are busted out of the front bumper so i go down the road picking up my plastic inserts and underneath plastic drive home get under car bumper cover under inserts is cracked on both sides can believe a cat can do this much damage !!! Its just plastic but iam heart broken called the insurance company they wanted to know if i knew the owners of the cat and did it have a collar are you mucking kidding me ,It was Dark at night no houses around.
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