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  1. I was easy on my R for the 1st 1k miles. I DD it currently sitting @ 3400 with no oil issues
  2. Do you have another dealership near by that might be more capable of handling the replacement? I wouldnt want my car to be the Guinea pig for the dealers first motor swap. Worst case you'd have to redo the consumption test for another dealership to do the swap.
  3. I'm just over 2k miles on my 18R which is daily driven. I kept it under 4k rpms for the first 1000 miles then changed the oil after the break in. Since then the oil level hasn't moved and I check it weekly
  4. That is insane! I bet the guy that traded it in Paid a huge ADM when he bought the car, traded it in for a loss and probably picked up a Demon with a huge ADM.
  5. I'm getting ready to purchase some parts and wanted to see if we get any type of forum discount w/ Shelby store?
  6. I'm looking @ purchasing the following SS CSM#12SS0101 and wanted as much info as possible before purchasing the deal seems too good to be true.
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