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  1. On 10/30/2018 at 11:35 PM, GT350-H6088 said:

    I have a 2017 GT350, Manufactured on 9/2017 (H6088) I did not see any oil consumption until 3500 miles

    it started at using 1 Qt every 500 miles, now I have 8000 miles and its using 1 QT ever 150 miles now. 
    Update. I took it to the dealer and they did the oil consumption test, 

    1) oil change 
    2) marked the Dipstick
    3) Added Leak detector Dye
    4) Return around 200 miles later for check up.

    I Returned and the Tech found No leaks, The Engine used 1 1/2 qts in 220 miles. 
    they called that Excessive oil consumption.  Ford said they will replace the motor.

    another one bites the dust..  I really love this car but am I going to once they do this?
    the tech said they have never replaced a motor in the GT350, yea that instills confidence... right..


    Do you have another dealership near by that might be more capable of handling the replacement? I wouldnt want my car to be the Guinea pig for the dealers first motor swap. Worst case you'd have to redo the consumption test for another dealership to do the swap.

  2. The bigger blower only benefits you if you plan to build the motor and run large amounts of boost, otherwise the TVS is very capable of taking the stock motor to its limits. As far as headers they are an expensive mod but I feel a very worthwhile one, reduced restriction, pulling heat from the motor and of course the amazing sound. On my lightly modded 07 gt500 I gained 30 rwhp and 25 RWTQ by adding LT's and that was with high flow cats, so the gains may have been larger if I had gone with an o/r mid pipe, I can only imagine the gains on the 13/14's would be even larger.

  3. If you have long tubes and an o/r mid pipe you've eliminated most of the restriction in the exhaust. Changing mufflers will mainly effect the sound, with the headers and o/r mid pipe you will need to be careful w/ muffler choice most tend to stick w/ the stock mufflers w/ that set up and are very happy. I personally run ARH 1 7/8 headers hi flow catted H and Supersnake mufflers on my 14 and couldn't be happier w/ the sound.

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