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  1. i saw those also... but they werent buy it now... they ended up selling for 3k +...
  2. I was thinking about maybe making some money out of it and use it towards the supercharger
  3. just bought new set of wheels and dont know if I should keep the factory wheels in my garage or should I sell them. if sell them with tires how much? is a 2011 gt500 with performance package wheels with the goodyear eagle g2 about 60% thread. appreciate the help
  4. Extrano mis navidades folkloricas!!! Como esas ninguna!!.

  5. Enfermo...otro dia mas...

  6. http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2011/08/08/nhtsa-investigating-complaints-about-chinese-made-ford-mustang-transmissions/
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