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  1. Sorry been busy...thansk for the nice comments. I have another video for ya...this time its me in my Viper on a TV show of sorts.... http://www.royalpurple.com/theforumwars/index.html I have some new videos of me in the GT500 on Hoosier race tires with some Vipers. I got passed by one...the Viper ACR-X. And he surely better with that car and tire set-up. He is on Michelin Slicks in a race prepped, non street legal car. I will post that video soon!
  2. The TV show I referred to earlier was my first timed Drag racing experience. There have been plently of other drag racing type launches in my past. The lights were a little bit of a challenge, but I had no real problems (except I broke my transmission mount that day...from wheel hop).
  3. I have to agree with others here...I feel neither car was really pushing it, as I saw no tail wagg from the GT500. The caddy should have been screaming in its upper RPM band. Also there wasn't a hint of tire squeal. Give me the car and I will have the goodyears begging for mercy! The cars are equally matched as the caddy has a superior rearend setup (as far as roadracing is concerned).
  4. The other cars are great, but they are so fast,no one ever wants to play. Other drivers just jump off the track to watch or feel they are in the way...it is kind of funny. The GT500 is unassuming...until I pass them! Then when I am done they come over and ask what modifications I have...I love to tell them none!
  5. Well the mount is for a 3G phone (got it at BestBuy in their navigationsection), but it came with universal mounting tabs that I used to adhere to a 4G phone cover. You must find a mount that is super stable as the g-forces will cause crazy vibration. The TrackPro is very good at giving you accurate times (I had someone in the pits timing me by hand a couple other times), but the tracking of speed is not that good (since it samples). On my YouTube I have Video done with my TrackMate GPS camera system that cost about $2,500. I will use the iPhone and TrackPro program over the Trackmate anyday...it is that much easier and it has HD video...that rocks. The advantage of the Trackmate is that you can overlay times and other data...plus you can analyze your day (but who has time for that). One other thing...I guess i was really hammerthe car as the one of the cats broke, so she is in the shop waiting for a new one right now. Crazy problem to have on a car with 5,500 miles. And another thing...In April I am supposed to be on the TV show ForumWars.TV It is my 15 minutes of fame. I race a gentlemen in his Z06 corvette versus my 08 Dodge Viper ACR. It should be on The Speed Channel. I will let you guys know when it comes out. It was a blast to do...and I got to try my hand at acting, as they really want you to talk smack! It is TV afterall.
  6. It sure is awesome being in South/Central Texas since auto season is never really gone! I moved here from Colorado about two years ago. It is awesome. :happy feet:
  7. I have never been to a driving school, but I have lots of experience in a shifter kart. I did use 4th gear in the long straight, and I was bouncing off the rev limiter in another part of the track. Not to boast...but I currently hold the track record in my Dodge Viper ACR as the fastest car on street tires, and the fastest street car on race rubber. I have some older track videos of the ACR on YouTube, but I have since "found my groove" in the sport. I will be going back out the the track and filming some laps in my ZR1 and ACR using the same setup. It is going to kill you when I tell you the video is from my iPhone4 and an App called TrackPro. It is so dang easy to use. It uses GPS and already had the track in its database, so the starting/timing point was already setup. Before anyone says anything...yes I know I am super fortunate to have the cars I do...but at least I am using them as they were designed!
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