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  1. If you send me a PM (personal message) through Team Shelby I will be able to give you some information on your car. I will need the last six numbers of the VIN. Welcome to ownership of one of the most unique cars built by Carroll Shelby. regards, Larry Miller, Shelby American / Team Shelby Registrar Hertz GT-H.



    Hi Larry VIN# 1ZVHT85H372323508


    I hope this helps,

    We love this car and hardly wait to go for a drive in it this spring its still too cold and too much snow here yet for that.

    Anything you can find out would be great.


    Thanks again

    Jeff Dobson



  2. Mileage for those (2) 07 Shelby GT-H cars that sold at the R & S Scottsdale 2011 auction:


    VIN... ending with 2379 34,101 miles

    VIN.... ending with 3508 19,640 miles


    I bought the 3508 car and forgot what the milage was how did you find this out?

    It still has not arrive from AZ yet I am having it shipped to Ontario Canada

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