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  1. Good point... Hers is some information about the origins of the event: Anton
  2. Hi folks! Happy Spring!!! I'm still interested in selling my 40th "Party of 15" GT500 if you know anyone. Asking $47,500... Photo Gallery available here:https://goo.gl/photos/NFBjbX8eQ6y8t9xy6 Bottom line is, I'd really prefer to sell the car to someone here on Team Shelby that will appreciate the provenance of the car and take good care of it. I am willing to consider lower offers to the right buyer... Thanks! Anton
  3. I have these available. Likely need to be cleaned up a bit, but in very good shape... I also have an embroidered center console, new floor mats, and a trunk mat available... Anton
  4. An automatic with a rotary shifter? Don't know how I feel about that.
  5. COMPLETELY AGREE CHRIS! Grabber, I still remember and cherish the conversion we had over lunch at the airport waiting to leave the 50th Bash in 2012... You've always been caring, and relevant, which can be pretty hard to pull off! Anton
  6. Chris, Gina, and everyone else on Team Shelby... Happy Festivus!!! Remember, it's a Festivus for the rest of us No, really, Merry Christmas! Anton
  7. Commemorative signatures have 3 hashes through the underline... Anton
  8. I'm with you in NJ Grabberlicious... The winter withdrawal is at times unbearable.... Anton
  9. I COMPLETELY agree! The FAYS2 Watts Link on my GT/SC Convertible was an instant improvement in both ride and handling. It just squats and goes! Just do it! Anton
  10. Wow Jeff, thanks! That would make me 2-for-2 (that NEVER happens), I need to buy a lottery ticket... Anton
  11. 1. At the 2008 Bullrun, Shelby was a sponsor I'd guess to promote the "Shelby Bullrun Challenge" run later that year in Terlingua 2. Outside the OLD West Coast Customs (in Corona) at the end of the 2008 Bullrun (June 2008)... 3. Richard Rawlings Anton
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