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  1. I myself have been on the fence about these two blowers. I have read countless forum posts and talked to many different owners. The VMP TVS seems like the best deal out there. I have one question I have yet to answer with all my research. Does the TVS heat soak faster than a Kenne Belle or 2.9L Whipple? Let take road racing for instance, How much sooner, if any, would the TVS hit the point where the pcm starts pulling timing faster since it is being spun harder to make the same power as the twin screws? I do a lot of bumper to bumper traffic driving and already have Revan Racing cooling mods so I have the best tools to fight heat soak but is this going to pose a problem? Sitting in traffic is there a lot of heat being built up to where the extra power will be gone? When I had my pullied Shelby with no heat exchanger or cooling mods after one WOT blast the car would not break the tires loose anymore? I installed the Revan Heat Exchanger and don't have this problem anymore. Does this happen with the bigger blowers or more importantly with the TVS since this is what I'm leaning towards. Has anyone ever logged what the IAT temp difference are between the blowers at a given horsepower? I know the TVS makes awesome power but what happens after 2-3 pulls on the dyno? What kind of power drop if any would you see after the 3rd pull?
  2. Nick, You car looks awesome. Judging by you specs, a +53mm with an 11" wheel would actually come in an additional 2mm. So with that it appears it would work and still stay under the rear quarter. Thanks.
  3. I've search all over and can't find any real good info on this. You would figure with all the awesome looking cars and wheels out there some one would have some good info. I've found Forgestar uses a 53MM offset on most Mustangs with the 20X11 but cant find any good pictures to see if they stick out. Most pictures are from the side and not straight on, closest one I found shows the tire may stick out if a 315 is used. I would really like to know for sure if someone has a good 20x11 wheel combo, what the offset is and if the tire sticks out at all.
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