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  1. I just placed an order for a replacement this week.
  2. Does anyone know if Shelby has replacements for the metal dash plaques for the GT-h's? Mine was stolen from my car tonight
  3. I just had my metal Shelby dash plaque stolen from my car. Does anyone know if SPP will/can provide a replacement for these?
  4. Robert, what procedure do we need to go thru to get a newly produced filter? Does the defective one need to be sent back? Thanks.
  5. I love the airbag cover! Looks great. Was it difficult to remove? Any tips on getting it off without damaging anything? Thanks.
  6. Awesome pics. I have the same car! KR 731. Are those 20" wheels?
  7. As far as I know all the GT Hs have cloth tops. Try Raggtopp Fabric Protectant. You can buy it here. http://www.detailedimage.com/RaggTopp-M44/Fabric-Protectant-P447/14-oz-S1/
  8. I got my set of sill plates recently and was wondering what is underneath the original sill plates on the KR scuff plates. Does it say "Mustang" or is just blank and flat. I bought a separate set if scuff plates to put the new sill plates on and keep the originals in tact. The problem is they say "Mustang" in the space where the plates go and the new sill plates don't fit in flush. Does anyone have this issue? Thanks, Jason
  9. I have two of the Shelby custom covers ordered form the Shelby American web site. They are a satin-like material and are made by Cover King. I have washed mine twice in my front loading washer at home. I have had no problems with the machine or the cover since. The only problem I can report is that, even though I only use the cover inside my garage and the garage door is closed on the majority of days, the front half of it has noticeably faded due to sunlight. I don't know if this may be due to washing or not, but the cover began to show signs of fading in less than a year. Overall though I like these covers because they are so soft and do a good job keeping the dust off. They also look cool with color matched striping.
  10. I guess that means mine is one of 1010 surviving 2008's ! :rolleyes:
  11. I need to find a new hood insulation/heat pad for my 2007 GT H. Does anyone know where I can purchase one that fits this hood? I have seen some for 2007 GTs, but obviously the hood is different. Thanks, Jason
  12. Keep me posted on the sale of your Hertz. I am trying to convince my dad to get rid of his old Corvette and get a Hertz. Thanks.
  13. I am looking for a power outlet cover for my 2007 GT H. I have seen some pictures of some cars having a cover that has the no smoking sign on them and other cars seem to have the stock GT power outlet cover. Anybody know where I can get either of these? Anybody know which ones actually came with the car when they were rented? Thanks, Jason
  14. Thanks to the advise of some of the Shelby Forum members, I have contacted Michelle Moore at Hertz and she has the original documentation on my car. She is sending it out to me today. Thanks, Jason
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