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  1. I liked it, they do tend to like to rip on the American cars, but it seemed like overall he liked the GT500, there is never any making them happy. If it is simple they moan about the lack of technology if it has too many buttons they groan about it being to complex and wish for the simple days of a manual gear box. It drama for TV, but it much more entertaining than the US Top Gear, however, I do have to admit that the US Top Gear is getting better, the guys seem to be bonding together and are acting more like friends than cast members, that is what makes Top Gear UK so much fun, its stuff we would like to do with our friends.
  2. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that the shirts are printing and will start shipping out tomorrow.
  3. It's at $7500 and the reserve is still not met, there are running driving complete cars on Craigslist without VIN issues for $19-25K, and a solid V8 (C code) project for $11K.... I would pass on this thing.
  4. Thanks guys for the positive feedback, any issues or questions you can contact me directly at michael@mpspeedapparel.com
  5. We might do another foundation shirt down the road, but the car show style shirts we really don't do, they just don't sell to the regular fashion stores that we are trying to get the shirt into.
  6. Here are some of my pics from the show http://www.morgansandphillips.net/blog/2012/9/8TH_ANNUAL_TONY_SOUSA_CAR_SHOW_Sponsored_by_Morgans_Phillips
  7. Here are some pics from the show http://www.morgansandphillips.net/blog/2012/9/8TH_ANNUAL_TONY_SOUSA_CAR_SHOW_Sponsored_by_Morgans_Phillips
  8. Thanks everyone, we will be back from a show and shipping out orders on Tuesday.
  9. We don't post our Shelby apparel here since we like to follow the forum rules, (and mods if this gets removed we understand) but we wanted to share our Carroll Shelby commemorative tee that we released at the Laguna Seca a few weeks ago. A portion of all sales both wholesale and retail goes directly to the Carroll Shelby Foundation. Unlike some of the memorial or commemorative tees we did not want to do something dark, (RIP etc..) so we contacted the foundation and licensing and worked created this shirt. We will also be auctioning off some limited edition versions of this shirt as well. http://www.morgansandphillips.net/catalog/item/7738962/9482629.htm
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