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  1. I am not sure where to post "For sale" cars but thought I would start here. I am selling my 2016 GT350 Tech Package with 2700 miles in White with Blue stripes. I have had the recall taken care of and am asking $54,000. If anyone is interested, I can send pictures; but everyone should know what this vehicle looks like. It is in perfect condition and has been garaged. I am including the cover and the custom mats and trunk lid cover. Please post a reply here or message me and I will try to respond as soon as I can. I just have not driven the car very much and decided to down size and have only two vehicles for my wife and I. Of course they are and will remain Ford products.
  2. I love this post and thread and your cars are beautiful not to mention your really nice abode with great landscaping!
  3. Would like the registration info and more details as they are available.
  4. No problems Dude. I will definitely move on to one of my other hobbies. Thanks.
  5. My mammy and Pappy told me that if I could not say anything good about someone or their choices to keep my opinions to myself. Therefore, I am requesting some common sense courtesy and please refrain from posting negative comments on my thread. If you want to say something negative, then start your own thread!
  6. I picked up my 2016 GT350 Chassis Number G2279 on Thursday. I did not have the opportunity to really drive the vehicle until Saturday and Sunday. It is a truly amazing ride and so much more comfortable than my 2011 GT500. I cannot say enough accolades about the vehicle that has not already been written. If you are having thoughts about trading up from a GT500, rest assured that it will not be a mistake. The GT350 with the Tech Package is extremely comfortable and will probably be a daily driver in fair weather since it is so comfortable to drive. I had two friends drive the car this weekend and both were serious car guys. They said this was the ultimate vehicle in all ways.
  7. I just traded my 2011 Shelby GT500 Kona Blue SVTPP for my new 2016 Shelby GT350 Tech Package. I was not going to trade and pay the difference (which was not out of sight) but the dealer went with me for a test drive and I had to do it. The GT350 is much more comfortable in every way. I am totally impressed so far and am sure that I will continue to be. The GT350 is white with blue stripes so it looks even better than the stripe-delete Kona Blue 2011. I was on the fence but talked to three friends that gave me good advice and do the trade. By the way, my dealer is a good friend and has a 2008 Shelby GT500KR. I am looking forward to driving this car much more than the GT500.
  8. Not sure as I had the dealer install the visor and it works perfectly
  9. If you will PM me I will let you know what I did to my 2011 Kona Blue stripe delete.
  10. Not sure but I will let you know in a few days when I get back in the car. I am leaving on a business trip and will drive my Shelby on Wednesday and let you know. That will be a good test as to the memory in the unit.
  11. I had a 2012 visor installed by my dealer today and it is much better as it has the Homelink as well as a light. They could not find any wiring for it anywhere and wired it to my map light. The key has to be on or in the accessory position for it to work and that is fine with me. It took me about 2 minutes to program 2 doors into the visor. If anyone needs more specifics as to how it was installed, I will get them from the dealer and post the instructions here.
  12. Thanks. Probably easier than the visor.
  13. Does anyone know of a solution to add some type of homelink to a 2011 GT500? My dealer says that I could not order the driver side visor for a 2012 or 2013 that would work with my 2011. I am sure that someone on the forum has an answer
  14. I have been thinking of taking a course at a driving school. I would prefer a school that caters to Mustangs or even better Shelby cars. I have no desire to ever track or drag race my car. Just want to be safer in the car and get more fun out of it on the open road.
  15. thanks idle-hour. I do not get on regularly and apologize for the late post. I did not have any specific issues regarding the stock shifter, but after reading about everyone and their new shifters, I decided to make the switch. I am not into modifying my cars but this is definitely the best thing that I did for my car. My dealer owns a 2008 GT500KR and he drove my car after the installation and could not believe it! The MGW shifter looks stock and that is why I like it. My friend passed on the 2014 and it is still available in all black with matte black stripes and glass roof. He decided after shifting out of third at 5000 rpm doing 130 that he did not need the car! It was uninteresting story regarding his test drive as the first time he got in it, he told them his F250 diesel King Ranch would out run the GT500. These cars have to be started and turned off 50 times to release all the electronics so that the cars will not be redlined in test drives. Thanks for the thoughts on my rehab and i recommend a new knee if you need one!
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