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  1. I love Michelins. I just put on Michelin Pilot A/S 3's. The grip is fantastic and the ride is great.
  2. Thank you for posting this picture. It is very much appreciated.
  3. Great picture. Sure do love that combo with the Grabber Orange SGT......
  4. Larry, tried to send you a PM. I am interested in these items.
  5. Welcome. SGT0128 is a great vehicle. Congrats!
  6. Grabber Orange friends ---- hoping to make it to the Legacy Shelby Show tomorrow ---- would love to park with anyone that might be going in their Grabber Orange. We did that one year and it was cool to have 3 in a row.
  7. Very nice car ---- always like seeing your signature with the dyno graph.
  8. In addition to the previous posts about local owners/meetings/events, there are some folks in this forum(Texas Forum) that meet --- SuzieQ(I think) helps to get everyone together... http://www.fordgt500.com/
  9. #18 is a very nice GT-C. Congrats .....I remember this car... It was essentially a brand new SGT when I saw it in Dallas at eCarhouse. Nice signature on the driver's visor along with Vince's under the hood?
  10. Great info and thanks for posting this. Much appreciated.
  11. Very respectful and controlled burnout. Just right. Nice vehicle too.... What a great way to honor your Dad....
  12. Congrats on your nearly brand new GT-C. You are going to be very happy. No doubt. I've personally seen and drove this vehicle. It was in Dallas for a short time at eCARHOUSE. It had come from Oklahoma from it's first owner. Congrats again!
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