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  1. $350.00 per month. I'd find time to call around. In 2 months you'll pay what it cost me for the year with American Collecters. Keep checking around!!!
  2. Came with black shelby wheels the previous owner put on. I like the look!!!
  3. Your gonna have trouble wiping that smile off your face no matter which one you go with. I had whipple in the mix too, when I was considering S/C's. I ended up going with a whipple 2.9L, because I found a team shelby member with a slightly used one for a good price. If I hadnt found that deal, I would have gone with VMP's TVS. I also purchased a JLT 127mm CAI and L&M 72mm T/B, she's making 694hp to the wheels. you'll be happy with whatever you decide.
  4. Ford Shelby GT500
  5. Drone: all but gone. Sounds louder and meaner: People now notice you coming up the road. I love it!!! If your undecided, quit wasting time. You won't be disappointed!!!
  6. Picked my car up on wednesday. First impressions, poped the hood and checked out the install, looked good with the bigger S/C and JLT CAI, next cranked it up, sounded good with the roush extreme exhaust. Not as deep a growl as the bassani axle back I upgraded from, but a little louder at start up. The mechanic backed it out of his shop and I jumped in the passenger side to go for a spin, once we got to a open stretch of road it was time for him to show me what I was paying for. Wow, being pinned back in my seat like that was something I hadn't experienced before, that extra power was immediately noticeable. Once I got him to realize, I was impressed, he could quit scaring the crap out of me, I then realized how quiet it was inside the car(windows up, AC on). So the drone problem was definitely solved with the Roush extreme cat-back exhaust kit. After driving around town the next day, I noticed what someone else had posted, that people now start looking as I'm coming up the road, it's definitely louder and meaner sounding. Yes, I think I will highly enjoy this new exhaust and new found power. As fun as it was to drive before, the fun factor just doubled. Results: 693rwhp. Having trouble posting dyno sheet. I will post it when I figure it out.
  7. Got dropped off at shop Saturday, should be ready for pickup on Wednesday. Counting down the days. Why can't they work Sundays?
  8. So here is the plan, the JLT127mm CAI should be in today, I ordered a Roush extreme cat-back exhaust kit, should be in Friday. I just ordered the oil seperators from JLT. I will bring my car to a shop in Houston on Saturday for install and tune. It will take a couple days for complete install (whipple 2.9,l&m 72mm tb, JLT cai and exhaust)and dyno/tune. I don't think my oil seperators will be in on time so I will install those after I get my car back. I plan on a real conservative tune, and will post results soon after.
  9. Tell me about it. If there is a cure for this mod bug I have, please post it here. My wife and my pocketbook will appreciate it.
  10. I just ordered the roush extreme cat-back kit for my 2009 GT-500. After reading these reviews, I just had to have one. Plus I am tired of the dreaded drone my Bassani axle-back gives me. I'm hoping I will gain a little agressive, mean tone over the Bassani.
  11. The Whipple came in, I have the L&M 72mm T/B ready, waiting on my JLT 127 Carbon Fiber CAI. By the way I found it for $382. with free shipping. Thought that was a really good price. After thumbing thru the installation instructions, I'm not so sure if I will attempt to install or get a local shop to do it? Shop wants $1000. to install and $500. to dyno/tune. I didn't think the installation was going to be that expensive. Oh well, you gotta pay to play I guess.
  12. Well I purchased a Whipple 2.9L from a member of this site. So tomorrow I will try to find me a JLT 127mm CAI to go along with my L&M 72 mm T/B, and verify if I have to upgrade the injectors. It may be a little while before it all gets installed, but I will post the results.
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