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  1. I'm considering taking it around the road course at Daytona tomorrow. A friend cautioned me, because of the high banks. Apparently numerous corvettes have blown their motors.
  2. Fellas, Can anyone tell me if we have a dry sump oil system on the GT350's? Thanks. T
  3. I got the "low tire pressure" warning today. Got home and checked all 4 tires, which all read 25psi. Seems a bit low to me. What are you guys running. I have a 2012. Thanks. T
  4. No issues here with my 624hp. I drive it like I stole it every time.
  5. I put every option available on my 2012. Go with the 624 polished. You won't be disappointed.
  6. Easy answer for the stripes. Get the $5,000 painted option! LOL. Way too much money, but damn they look good.
  7. I'm confused by your first sentence. Of course I'd like to see less of these made. Where did I indicate differently? I am not a fan at all of the 2013 and am thrilled they did such drastic changes from the 11-12's. I like the original look of the white with blue stripes, which I have on my 12, also the center exhaust. I still cannot believe they did away with that on the 2013.
  8. For me it's real simple. 4000 GT500's vs. less than 200 GT350's produced each year. I never have to worry about seeing another 350 out on the road when I'm cruising. End of story.
  9. I'd like to personally thank the design team at Shelby for making this 2013 look how it does. Damn my 2012 is looking good in my garage! Why the ugly ass wheels? No more center exhaust? Love my center pipes (now that I got them straight!) Like someone earlier said, the rear looks like a stock GT500. Also, I prefer the side rocker panel on the 11-12's. Oh well, I guess I'm just partial to my ride, but really, thanks for making the new ones ugly!! T
  10. Got my first stone chip on the front bumper. It sure would be nice to have some touch up paint. Any ideas fellas?? The chip is on my painted stripe.
  11. I agree, the CLS looks good. I like to get a new ride every 2-3 years. That CLS AMG will be worth 55-60k in three years, where I believe the GT350 will hold close to 80k. I have 90k in mine. I look at cost of owning the car when I buy and sell stuff. I had a C6 vette for 2.5 years, bought brand new, drove it like I stole it for 13k miles and sold it for a loss of 9k. I'm having a harder time driving the 350 "like I stole it". That ($&@-^£) is loud and fast! To finally get on subject, even though I'm a diehard Steeler fan, I'd never buy the 50th Anniversary. The original white with blue is what sold me on the 350. Edited to remove F-bomb
  12. My 2012 got here a couple weeks ago and sure enough after a few drives the left pipe is sagging. It looks terrible. After one phone call and one email, Shelby gave the approval to get the exhaust fixed here in Florida, on their dime. Good job guys. Great customer service! Thank you. So, could someone please tell me exactly what to tell the exhaust shop or whoever I get to do the work? I'd really like some details from guys that have corrected this problem with the spot welding and or adding a bracket. Thanks fellas. Ps. The car is absolutely ridiculous. I got the Eibach with the Watts link suspension. The thing rides like a race car. It's pretty damn rough, which I love, but the fiance doesn't care for especially on the ride home from dinner.
  13. Thanks. This is what I thought. Fly for LUV?
  14. So the new ride should be here in a couple weeks. I was wondering what others have done when getting their cars registered in their home state. I bought the GT thru a dealer in Vegas and have not paid sales tax. When I get my tag here in FL I'd sure like to only pay tax on the GT, not the Shelby 350 upgrades. Do you think this is possible? All they should look at is the VIN, right? Thanks fellas. T
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