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    Software engineer with the last remaining mid-80's and early 90's capability to write any and all supporting prototype and production style code for LM, SMEC and SBEC related vehicles with the original code and compilers used to make these vehicles possible. With totes upon totes of documented dyno tests and the original software for numerous Shelby prototypes, I strive to support this on-going legacy that brought the Shelby Dodge vehicles to the enthusiast market.
  1. This is an extremely old thread which I hope to revive. After many years of working within Chryslers advanced powertrain development group, I somehow desired to retain and protect the mid-80's efforts which include the HH development along with the prototype 1988 SBEC version known today as the 1990+ SBEC controller version for the Lotus Spirit R/T. ALL dyno data for and about the unique combinations contained in Omni GLHS #001 exists. If there is any interest in nurturing this package into a reality, the software and calibrations related to making it reality should not be considered impossible or obsolete nor limited by the inability to code and calibrate this powertrain - the ability exists and along with the capability to write this software not as a hacked versions of code (common on many forums), it can be compiled and written as it was done in 1987 ... with the same methods used 40yrs ago. BTW That is not a T-I style compressor - it is a GN compressor housing with a bolt on flange for the Dodge application. It was all they had at the time to assist in making the engine breathe with a cooler charge temp, given the PSI and flow demand that exceeded anything Dodge had to offer.
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