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  1. I'm just waiting on the word of a 5.0 twin turbo and that's all she wrote for me to be hooked.
  2. unfortunately hasn't been a sale on regular items for a while.not renewing my membership this year.
  3. i am seriously thinking of selling the gt500 and my 03 cobra and getting a 2010 ZR1. That car is badass!
  4. Why don't you just go buy a ZR1 Corvette, it comes with these brakes and enough power to smoke any shelby.
  5. cool, keep us posted, don't see a pic though
  6. Id like to see the gift certificates sale come back. That could be used all year not a sale rush as you claim on the sale times for your employees.
  7. Lame, I know they have to be making a good buck on all those alcoa's
  8. now if you only got rid of those ridiculous stickers your car would look decent.
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