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  1. I really like your Dark Side photo/pdf. Where did you find this? Can you get it as a poster? Hope you don't mind but I set it as my background on my garage computer as I too have a 2012 GT500 Kona Blue. No red stripe thought....yet. Thanks, Chad

  2. Retired Military. Grabber, I hope things pick up for you soon. Unemployment isn't fun. I've been retired since 03 after 36 years of service to my Country. Most of my career was in the supply room and supervisor of company lever supply sergeants. I spent the majority of my time in the Great State of Texas. I know, why Washington State to retire. Wife was born and raised in this area, so what the heck. I've settled into to retirement well and spend my time collecting cars. So far I've put six in the stables so far. This includes Darkside (2012 GT 500). I've been a GM owner for years and in 2011 I got a wild hair and decided to test the waters with the blue oval. So far no disappointments. Such a fun car to drive and the styling is just awesome. Love the car. Thanks for posting this thread. Always good to see what everyone does.
  3. I've not been on the forum for sometime and have lost touch with everyone. Kind of reporting back on my upgrade of the Ford Racing 750 HP kit. Installed in February and still having problems. Third time back to the dealership where it was installed and they've had it more than I have over the last five months. The car runs fine on the highway and has some awesome power. The problem is that it has a stalling problem. Talked to the service manager of the dealership where the car is and he says that Ford Racing finally admitted that 1 out of 10 cars that these kits have been installed on have had this problem, but the fix for each of them is different. MAF sensor is getting to much air when you back off the throttle. The intake tube is different than the OEM one in that it has the MAF sensor in a different place. Has anyone experienced this problem? Thanks in advance
  4. Try Discount Tire Direct. They have some really great deals. Not sure about shipping to Canada. They ship direct in the states.
  5. I bought the 08 red stripe package and installed them on my black Shelby. Painted the Faux gas cap Cobra. They look awesome on the black car. Now I want to put the wings in red also. Really sets the car off.
  6. The 2011-2012 looks like the 69-70s. They look awesome no matter how you look at them.
  7. I'd like to find someone who's cammed their 5.4L. Where would be a good place to start? Thanks in advance
  8. I have the MRT brand of hood struts. They are great, no problems at all. They have a lifetime warranty, so what do you have to loose.
  9. I'm a retired military person that served my country for 36 years +. Now all I do is collect cars, restore them and enter them in cars shows around the state. I retired in 03 and located in Walla Walla, WA with my wife and two dogs. We enjoy traveling and visiting familty. My sons told me that I moved over to the Darkside when I bought the Shelby in 2011. I've always been a GM person with most of them being Chevrolets. Had a 2010 Camaro for about two years and wasn't impressed with it. So, I started looking at the Mustangs. The regular GT did not impress me either, then I moved on to the GT500. One drive and I was hooked. The 500 has to be the best looking car on the road. I sometimes pinch myself when I look at it. Can't really believe that I actually own one. It's such a joy to drive and since I added the FRPP 750HP kit to it, it's even better to drive. I have a need for speed and I really find it in the Shelby. At 65 I'm living life to the fullest. I also love being part of TS.
  10. Does anyone know if the SS Hood is an exact fit to the GT500. I'm looking for something with an opening. Just want to make sure that the hood with fit and is there a market for the old hood? Thanks in advance
  11. I have a 2012 GT500 and want to cam out the engine. It currently has a 750 HP kit installed and I have a desire for more power. Who should I contact for help making the right decisions on what cams and valve train to buy and I need someone to install them. I would appreciate any help you members might be willing to give. Thanks in advance
  12. Gosh I just got the 750 kit installed and then they come out with another 100 HP. Darn
  13. How about the Northwest??? Anyone willing to gather?????
  14. I hear all the hipe about oil separators. Is there a place to go to read up on them? Just curious if I need to install them on mine. I recently installed the FRPP 750 SC kit and wondered if it will need them?? Thanks of the information.
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