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  1. Just found out the Larry Brown 1969 Shelby GT 500 Sold for $280,000 today in Centre Hall, Pa. Not sure who bought it. http://www.centredaily.com/2014/04/24/4149637/vintage-shelby-mustang-set-for.html?sp=/99/264/&ihp=1
  2. It looks like I have found my next mod...Is SPP the cheapest place to get the Brake duct bezels?? If so -then you are looking a 160 for the PIAA lights with free shipping(? ebay)- SPP charges 150 for the Brake Duct Bezels and 8 bucks for the two brackets...for a grand total of around 320 -plus shipping cost from SPP- so for around 340 is what you would be looking at spending for the parts needed to do this project...
  3. Forum Name............Car Info………...........Color?..............State/Town From..............Day Arriving?........... Poker Run?...............Staying? jdkuba.......................2008 SGT Vert..............Vista Blue.........State College, Pa..............Friday..........................No................ Radisson
  4. Love this forum....never a day goes by, that I don't learn something from you all. Good info fellas. Thanks
  5. Rad Hotel booked and I choose TS package #3 for me and my Dad. Also registered with the Carlisle folks and signed-up for the parade. Guess my only question is how do we time warp to June? Some may call me impatient. Can't figure that one out..... Lots of time and effort went into the planning of this event. Many thanks to all that had a part in it. See you there. J
  6. Registered through the Carlisle site. Patiently waiting to book the hotel and such...any word on when this may happen?
  7. You have my attention. Getting stoked for next June.
  8. I ordered the KR spoiler from Shelby at an outstanding price. (thanks SPP) I then took my Shelby over to Black Walnut Body Works and had them paint the stripes on the spoiler to match the car and then they installed it. I think that it really made a big difference on how the car looks. Best Mod. that I have done so far to my SGT.
  9. I don't think he has posted the "how to install" on the forum yet.
  10. I just received mine from the Shelby Store last month. This restricted part been on back-order for sometime. But, Wendy shipped it right out to me as soon as they came back in stock. Also.... Thank you to Doug in Pa. for his help and advice on the install of the faux cap. Made it a lot easier using tape and the paper to get a straight line on the faux cap... The install seemed to go fairly smooth..... Still, I was nervous about getting it on straight. With only one chance to do so, take your time before pressing the cap on for good. I am hoping it looks straight.
  11. Sorry, I missed this thread until now. ......Anyhow, I have the 08 SGT convertible that was parked next to Doug's Black SGT in the middle row at the Ford Nationals at Carlisle this year. I just had the stripes painted and a new scoop put on that week prior to the Carlisle show. (cutting it close for sure) I can tell you that Black Walnut Body Works in Zion, Pa did an outstanding job. I highly recommend this paint shop. This guys went above and beyond to make sure it was done right..... Painting the stripes is the way to go and worth the extra money in the long run.... Just my two-cents. Good luck and let me know if I can help. Thanks, JD
  12. When I bought my SGT the stripes were not on. I am guessing the previous owner removed them for whatever reason... IMO-Painting them on is the way to go. Trick is to find a good paint shop in your area with a good reputation and that does quality work. I debated for a long time.... Should I put the vinyl stripes back on and deal with all the issues or just have them painted on and be done with it?. Black Walnut Body Works in Zion, Pa did a outstanding job and I could not have been happier with the results. The extra cost involved with painting them on is well worth it in the end. no regrets at all. Just my two cents.
  13. Ford Shelby GT Convertible
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