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  1. Add me to the list too: 08SGT1097 - Yoggiebhr (Gregg)
  2. Russ, You were parked behind me one day in MORE parking. I didn't get to see you, but man, your car looks fantastic!
  3. AGGHHHHHH!!!! You're killing me Jer! Do I keep putting money into my 08 SGT or stop now and put money towards a new SGT. I'm not sure I can part with my 08....so now I need to widen my driveway....are you all just sitting around trying to figure out how to get ALL of my money!?!?!? LOL Seriously though, I love the new SGT. It sounds like a nice package. I've driven Coyote Mustangs before and love the way they run. This looks great, although it looks like it could sit just a wee bit lower. Good job Jer and everyone involved! Now, just don't tell me that its only available for a year or two.
  4. Welcome 1099, you're the closest number I've seen on here. I'm 1097. You'll love it here!
  5. American Muscle sold out in one day. I have a feeling that LOTS of people will be doing this mod.
  6. Saw an 08 Vista Blue Shelby GT convertible today near the Mitylene exit on highway 85 heading into Montgomery about noon. Great looking car!
  7. Muffler delete all the way! As stated above, just make sure the tips run out a little past the opening in the bumper, that will reduce drone.
  8. I'm coming in from Alabama with a group of Mustang owners from around here. Staying at the host hotel
  9. Thanks for all of the great ideas!
  10. Funny enough, I have family that works there. Thanks!!
  11. Hey all, I'm taking a road trip this week in the Shelby and I wanted to know if anyone could suggest cool things to do along the way. I was wondering if there were any cool car places on my route. I'll be traveling from Montgomery Alabama to Alpena Michigan. Most of my trip is straight up I-65 and I'll be on the road Thursday and Friday. Any suggestions? Thanks all! Gregg
  12. I think they would look fine. Nice looking wheels
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