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  1. I had this recall done last week. My GT-H is 06H254. It was originally in Orlando and is now in North Carolina. The recall went very smoothly. I arrived at 7:30am and it was ready to go at 8:30am. No issues at all. It is the driver's side airbag only. They replaced just the inflator, not the entire assembly. I still have the same cover and absolutely no damage. I hope everyone else has a good experience as well.
  2. She hit you. Tell State Farm they have no choice - OEM parts end of conversation. Aftermarket collision parts are garbage. You also need to get paid for diminished value on your GT. Just an FYI on the quarter panels. At the factory, the entire side of the Mustang from the A pillar all the way back is a one piece stamping.
  3. Made some changes in my garage. I had seven cars and one driver at the beginning of the summer. I decided I had to shrink the collection a bit. It was a tough decision, but I sold my 97 Wrangler and my 07 Mustang GT convertible. I took a lot of parts off the convertible before I sold it (I still have the Whipple and GT500 Brembo's if anyone is interested). I decided to put the CS69's on my GT-H. I was surprised the difference it made. The CS69's with the stickier and bigger Goodyears seemed to wake up the Ford Racing suspension and I swear the ride improved as well. Anyways, I am happy with the change. I am missing the convertible, but the Boss is an incredible car.
  4. Same question here. I need to replace one of my wheels and it looks like Argent wheels are the correct ones. The Ford part number is 5R3Z-1007-AA. Can anyone verify?
  5. I swapped my CS69's with staggered Goodyear F1 255/285 tires from my convertible onto my Boss. The factory tire is an R compound tire with a wear rating of 60. I figured I would save them. The CS69's are similar the the rims that came on the '70 Boss 302. Let me know what you think. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the complements! I have one from the end of the run. LS649.
  7. I now have the modern versions of my two favorite Mustangs! After the '66 Hertz Mustangs, my favorite is Parnelli Jones '70 Boss 302. This week I was able to buy a '13 Boss 302 Laguna Seca - same color and striping as Parnelli's Trans Am Boss. Ford did a great job with the Boss. I had not driven any of the 5.0L Mustangs and I am very impressed with all the improvements since the '05 - '09 Mustangs.
  8. My 2007 Mustang GT came with a red leather interior. I don't recall seeing any SGT's with one.
  9. Revved up 06H254. I am happy I was able to meet Carroll a few times. Amazing person! He will be missed!
  10. If they can't get you the OEM windshield, try another glass shop. I broke my windshield when the car was a week old. I asked for OEM and they were able to get the Carlite windshield. It was identical with the running horse and all. My car was so new at the time, the factory windshield sealant was still not dry. I was not too happy about having to replace the windshield, but they did a good job and you cannot tell the difference.
  11. Nice car!! I have a print Bill Neale did of #1 in my office. One of my favorites.
  12. I have the D Specs on my convertible. I agree. It is a much better ride and handling seems the same. I have been thinking about installing them on my GT-H coupe as well.
  13. These are my wheels. They do not include the tires or the Mustang centers (they are currently on the GT-H), but they do include the CT-R center caps that came with the wheels. All four are the same wheel -- 18X9
  14. If you are interested, I have four 18x9 GT4 wheels. They are the dark gray center and made by CTR wheels. They only have a few thousand miles on them and they are in great shape. $75/wheel plus shipping. PM me if interested. They clear the Brembos and they would look great on your white Shelby.
  15. If the screw is at least an inch from the sidewall, you can get it patched. If not and you do need a new tire, you will probably just need one unless you have a lot of miles on the old tires.
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