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  1. Hello fellow Shelby owners: Did anyone go to the Scottsdale Auction in 2012? If you did can you tell me any information about the two GT-H convertibles that were on the block and sold. Lot number 936.1 and lot number 960.5 They were Hertz Rent a Racers, Black and gold and made exclusively for Hertz Any info or video footage is appreciated. Erik Buckland
  2. Larry, could you send me the black and white copy? I can make color copies from there using my own car for the pictures. The text is what I am after as i can't make that up myself. Let me know if you would like to send it to me electronically or if you would like me to make courier arrangements.
  3. I have a question Bestia27. Why, in your opinion, is Canada allowing the 2007 GT-H in but the 2006 coupe is inadmissible. All (dare say) Roush cars can get in. Here is a list of vehicles. You will need to scroll down to Ford. http://www.tc.gc.ca/media/documents/roadsafety/vafus.pdf
  4. Hi Larry: I'm not sure if your contact at Hertz ever did anything with the press release given out on disk, but if they did, I would love a copy. Here is what it is http://www.ebay.ca/i...49#ht_500wt_941 I certainly don't mind paying for the trouble of making a disc.
  5. Thanks!! I would definitely want a copy if you can get your hands on one. I will gladly pay shipping and write a letter of thanks to your boss. $200.00 for the e-bay one was well above my price range but nice to hear about the enthusiasm.
  6. has anybody hear of a manual that Hertz employees used when the GT-H was returned to make sure it came back with all it's parts? I have seen long yellow sheets listed bu a rental place told me of a 9 page checklist with pictures they were sent from corporate they needed to go through.
  7. Can you send us the links? You would be surprised what the forum can tell you about a cars history which may explain the price difference. 72K is a VERY high price if not one of the rare manual transmission models.
  8. Excellent, I'll try that, much appreciated. I'll keep you posted of the results. Love your cars BTW!
  9. OK, I love my GT-H but am no weekend mechanic. I would appreciate some advice from anyone who has had a similar problem. There is a flat piece of plastic that connects from the bumper to about four feet back under the engine. Some call it a snow guard, some call it an engine guard. It is a very easy piece to install and there are small plastc "screws" or "clips" that hold it in place on the bottom of the front bumper. The dealer cannot tell me what these are when ask in the parts department. I had clips that worked for about a month from NAPA auto, but they fell out. does anyone know what the part number is for these clips that they could share with me? Some bad advice has been: Drill new holes because the clips are falling out because the holes are too big. I'm not drilling anything new into my baby except for a stupid front licence plate holder required by Canadian law. Don't put the clips in, this works well if I don't want to go over 120km-hr. Any advice would be appreciated on a parts number ore a name for this clips. It is rumored that the GT-H has the same front bumper as the California Special, but I don't know this for sure.
  10. I am not selling mine, but if you do find one, watch for the following as these were rentals after all: - It's very low in the front, people banged up the front bumper easily on curbs and parking barriers. Look for any signs it has been repainted - At your price, you may be second owner, be sure the first owner got his metal dash plaque for the car, otherwise you will be stuck with a sticker on the front dash in between the two air vents - Not just on these shelby's but it seems this year of mustangs, the door will have a rattle. It has to do with the pice being behind the door handle in the interior that is not tight. It is a bugger to fix. Some cars have this rattle and some do not. - If your bringing it into Canada the GT-H coupe is inadmissible last I checked with the RIV. - Even with lwo KM if you can find one check teh tire tread. Some hat rented these figured out how to disable the traction control and have their smokeshow displayed on Youtube. I don't know if you will find one at the price you are looking for, but this is a GREAT car and will get you lots of attention among those that know mustangs, and those that admire mustangs.
  11. Sad to see you didn't get your reserve price. Can you tell us what it was?
  12. $180,000 is the price of an original from 1966, and they probably do not have all the parts it was rented with thanks to some things "falling off" when they were rented! http://www.barrett-jackson.com/application/onlinesubmission/lotdetails.aspx?ln=752.1&aid=53&pop=0
  13. is ti worth $100K, you bet, but in time. History is all over the map with these on Barrett Jackson as you can see with the first one selling for $250,000, and a recent convertible (mileage unstated) selling for a paltry $36,000. I paid $47k for my convertible and some will say that is too much, but I feel like a am driving a $90,000 car in my town that is full of high end mercedes, BMW, and where the GT-H is like a very cute but still bastard child. Everyone likes to look, some even touch and gawk, but still some turn up their nose. Definitely a collector vehicle, and I am anxious to see the final price. Here is the link to the Barrett Jackson History on these cars. IIf my current car catches on fire I would be highest bidder on this car for my replacement. I will envy, but still glad to be in the club, of the winning bidder. http://www.barrett-jackson.com/application/onlinesubmission/archivecarlist.aspx
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