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  1. Are you guys mostly using stock tires (GoodYears) or are you going with a specific tire for track first then street second work?
  2. I have this gadget as well for my 2007 F150. I like it a lot and it has been solid.
  3. does look good, really good. Love the color combo and the menacing look! I am also interested in the suspension lowering details. Also, I would be scared of the wider tire up front kicking back tons of rocks with the Eagles. I have a slight, very slight, problem with that on my factory tires.
  4. The only thing i can add here is keep in mind what it says is how you will be thought of when its out in the public. I avoided a license plate that was taunting because I honestly did not want punk kids to try and do anything to it while it is parked in a parking lot or act stupid on the streets. If I am going to have fun on the street I would prefer to be alone to attract less attention. I went with SN8KBYTE - but I can have 8 letters (but I had someone pull up next to me thinking it was something like "Serial Number 8,000 by ___" and he couldn't figure that last part out.
  5. Beautiful color option. Where in NC? I would come look at it and take pictures for you if I was not traveling for work!
  6. This is a guy's Sterling with Red stripes, I love the way it looks in person. It was custom done though.
  7. I felt the same way, that multiple articles were not happy with the brakes. I think Pobst in that Hot Lap video actually says the brakes are gone! sooo..... I was hoping this forum would point out where that weak point is and what are the steps to improve upon them: 1. is it the fluid? 2. is it a larger rear brake caliper? 3. Is it just a different brake compound (Hawk or EBC?) 4. Is it slotted / dimpled rotors? Combination of the above depending on budget... Or perhaps even better what are the steps in what order to improve upon the factory system... aside from spending $3k+ on new brakes front and rear
  8. So maybe a bit of thread hijacking here, but if we did want to make the most of the 4 pistons up front and 1 in the back (and wanted VERY LITTLE brake dust.).... what carbon ceramic brake pads would you recommend?
  9. What differences do you feel the most?
  10. Another tire I have seen be really popular are the Toyo R888s. but not sure if they will fit your size desires and I have no personal experience with them.
  11. Great story! I would take pride in that... And would have loved to take him around the block!
  12. Why not methanol? It just has to be used correctly and there are some things to watch for. Methanol is NOT going to give you more power. Just use it to make your existing power more reliable by keeping the intake temps lower. This can also be used to run more timing but that is up to the tuner and owner of the car. There are safety switches like low meth alerts, no reverse flow valves, and relays that only let it run when at a certain boost level or throttle position. I had it on my kenne bell 03 cobra and it gave me the confidence to run it as hard as I want to. If I didnt want to use it then I either stayed out of throttle or changed my tune.
  13. Do longtube headers and high flow cats still pass strict emissions? Of course they would pass the visual inspection but will they pass a sniff test? obviously this is with a specific tune to help the cats pass and not throw a code.
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