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  1. Is your car stll in Germany? If yes, go to Peter Schropp Fahrzeugtechnik Im Vogelsang 17 71101 Schönaich, Germany. info@schropp-tuning.com Tel: +49 (0) 7031 413388 http://www.schropp-tuning.com/ He is close to the Bodensee region as well and will find the problem for sure! German Ford Dealers are not familiar with the Shelby at all (very less exceptions), but Peter Schropp is the ultimate specialist. Greez, Albert from Germany
  2. Hey guys, if some of you might will going to Germany in September, you may join our this years SHELBY gathering. You'll find us at the airport of Wallduern (PC 74731). It's about 40 min to drive south direction from Frankfurt Airport. We are expecting around 50 - 60 Shelbys from Germany, Switzerland and other European countries, doing dragrace on the quartermile. Would be great if you'd like to join our event. If you would like to join it including your Shelby, drop us a line at http://shelbyforum.de For details have a look at: http://shelbyforum.de/discussion/3456/einladung-und-anmeldung-zum-5.-shelby-gt500-treffen-2015/p1 It's all German, but we speak English for any requests. Greez, Albert
  3. Hi guys. As some of you have been really interested into the calender of the German Shelbyforum, we issued a new one for 2014. For the new calendar we booked 4 girls, of those at least two of them are very famous in Germany (f.l.t.r.) - Katharina Kuhlmann, Kristin Zippel, Kerstin T-Barbie and Jessy Poison-Ivy. Especially Katharina has been in the US Playboy as well and is popular in Germany through several TV-car-shows. The theme of the calendar is "Hollywood". So we took 12 cars from our members and set them into most popular movie-scenes. Have a look (sample / result): King Kong Batman - The Dark Night Sin City Men in Black II Collage of all sheets. In row: King Kong, The 5th. Element, Death Proof, Matrix, Baywatch, Desperate Housewifes, Independence Day, MiB II, The Birds (Hitchcock), Batman, Sin City, TRON Legacy So if you are interested, just drop some lines here. We'll try again to find a way to bring them to US. Costs incl. shipping will probably be about $ 79,-. Greez from Munich, Germany Albert
  4. My 14 Shelby convertible fits a CORSA Sport axle back with black tips. In lower rounds it almost sound like stock-sound, just a little bit louder. It's getting much more aggressive up from 1.800 rpm. I personally like the black tips, what suits better to the dark-gray bumper coverage. What I like absolutely most are the sloped tips, that also suits perfectly with the bumpers design.
  5. I will, promised! The Shelbyforum calendar 2014 will include 12 famous Hollywood-scenes with three of the Shelbygirls above (Kerstin, Kristin, Jessy), excluded Marina, as she's my girlfriend. Her substitute on the calendar is Katharina Kuhlmann, popular on German TV, also playmate and lighted up twice on FHM. So look forward...
  6. To whom it may concern. Only the pulley and the tune has been changed - the rest is completely stock. Performance is measured on crank, not RWHP. Greez from Germany, Albert
  7. Feel flattered by your words, Robert. Right now it's not decided yet whether we'll doing it again next year, but it's my promise to keep you informed right in time. Two explanations: This picture means a lot, as it shows the probably first imported GT500 to Germany (the white) and probably the last (the repainted in vipergreen). Ant this was the result. The white did it on the quartermile. Time was some around 12.5 sec The white: 2007, 2.9 Whipple, 735 hp. The green: 2014, 2.3 TVS with a 2.4 pulley and custome tune, 747 hp, 1.036 Nm torque. It couldn't have been closer... And for the fans of our shelbygirls: here all 4 together (the blond one ist mine!!! ) From left to right: Marina, Kerstin, Jessy, Kristin. As Eric already postet - there will be a calendar 2014 coming up soon. Theme this year: "Shelbyforum goes to Hollywood". So you might guess what we did... Greez from Germany, Albert
  8. Hi guys. Just one week ago we evented the 4th. Shelby GT500 gathering, including dragrace for fun. We counted 75 Shelby GT500s. Unfortunately so many of you have been missing... Some impressions --> http://shelbyforum.de/discussion/2660/eindruecke-erinnerungen-und-fotos-vom-4.-shelbytreffen/p1 Loads of pics --> http://shelbyforum.de/discussion/2675/dragrace-fotos-von-werner-w./p1 Best shots:
  9. Thanks for your compliments guys. Like to hear it. :-) Roof: I had several max-speed tests on the Autobahn, with roof up and down, and more than just 1 minute or so, as it takes some time to bring the car up to 190 mph. In both cases no problems at all. With roof down max speed was around 183 mph because of bad aerodynamics. But honestly I didn't feel well with the roof down with that speed. It's simply too noisy for recognizing any upcoming problems in case they would have a occured. Albert
  10. Thank you very much for this information. I already had a 2010 Shelby GT500 convertible before with around 600 hp and released speed limiter. With this car I touched the 190 mph many a time. Means, I'm truly experienced with high speed in the GT500 convertible. The roof as well as all other things on the car didn't cause any problems at all. Absolutely nothing. The GT500 is much more high-speed solid as most of you might trust in. Here's another picture, compiled by photoshop
  11. Oh no no! I'm one of the high speed junkies, and the green queen will take me to the 200 mph on the autobahn. it's still too new for that, but a video will be shown just when the car is ready to go for it. It's a driving machine, and that's how you should treat it. ;-) Alberto
  12. the two switches are connected with the radiator light and the radiator cooling van for additional manual control device.
  13. Thanks for your respond. How can I explain that the color is NOT limegreen...?! The color is called "Vipergreen" and is only available on the Volkswagen Scirocco and shines in different colors depending on the light falling onto. The "gotta have it green" is might have been too light. Maybe this picture gives a more realistic impression of the color:
  14. One from the rear side. Shelby-badge is fixed in the meanwhile... ;-)
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