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  1. Thanks. Hoping it was the last weekend of June since I can’t makenot on the 22nd. Fingers crossed. If not, hopefully next year.
  2. Snakes on the Lake Confirmation Date? i know last year it was last weekend of June. I was hoping it was the same this year too. June 29, 2019. any official updates?
  3. Jim, thank you for putting this together. My wife and I really enjoyed ourselves. It was our first “Snakes on the Lake” run and looking forward to many more! Tom and Dorene
  4. I ordered a 1.0 lb chrome extinguisher. I also rotated it so the handle is under the seat. I also moved it over as much as possible towards the center console. Fits great and never gets in the way so the seat can move forward and back without anything rubbing or getting caught.
  5. Jim, Just sent in donation. Looking forward to this. I wanted to do this ever since I joined in 2011. See everyone soon! Tom and Dorene
  6. Or https://www.seanhylandmotorsport.com/2007-2009-Mustang-SVT-Strut-Brace
  7. https://www.evoperform.com/shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=128_149_152&zenid=lrclj05kjfliepiv7l8p20ume4 Your right. It's getting harder to locate one. Try EVO.
  8. Yes if you go the Ford Racing Site above it describes that it will fit 10-14. On all of them you need to order the FRPP intake muffler delete. On the 13-14 you need to reroute the hose that goes across the top of the super charger. You will see that the holes line up perfectly on the brace and shock towers. Super easy to install.you will also know it works right away by testing the car drive backwards and turn. No more tire rubs.
  9. http://www.fordracingbyspeedshopdirect.com/FORD_RACING_SHELBY_GT500_MUSTANG_STRUT_TOWER_BRACE_p/m-20201-c.htm You will be happy with it.
  10. I ordered the FRPP double bar strut tower brace, M-20201-C. Fits perfect, no rubbing, gaps or bumps in the hood.
  11. I have a 2011 and I ordered the new updated headrests. Fit and matched perfect. See attached photos for Part Number. Also the comparison between the original and updated version. Does not push head foreword now.
  12. Ford Thunderbird Landau Towncar
  13. Not true...corvettes came with 6-bangers before. check 1953-1955.
  14. History does point to GT 500 being a futuristic version of the Mustang. And recently the GT500 had taken the engine from the Ford GT, and now it may do this again.... GM did this also, remember 1989 and the Turbo Trans Am...http://www.carthrottle.com/post/retrospective-1989-pontiac-20th-anniversary-turbo-trans-am/ Personally I hope this does not happen, I rather listen to a V8 then a V6 any day....will see....
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