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  1. That's a really interesting question. It really depends on what you use your Raptor for and what you use your GT500 for. I've looked at the SAI offering for the Raptor and considering that I do little to no towing with mine, do zero rock crawling, and really don't bomb down the NV desert at 100+ mph when I'm going camping/fishing I didn't see the need to upgrade. Ford SVT honestly did a really good job balancing that truck for street and offroad. However, if you're towing a lot (a post above referenced that) or if you want a different suspension setup then you might consider an upgrade, though targeted upgrades are probably cheaper. As a note, I've read on other threads that the SVT interior is just as good, if not better, than the SAI interior the conversion comes with. Haven't never sat in a Shelby Raptor I have no opinion on that. Although time will ultimately tell on value, I see currently that GT500 SS are holding their value way better than Raptors and non SS GT500s. Plus, the extra upgrades for the SS are more in tune with the overall car's street/strip/track balance than the Raptor upgrade. For example, better cornering doesn't hurt on the street. Neither does better brakes. However, extra suspension travel and 'prerunner' bumpers for better approach angles do nothing for the street. Well, in my opinion, anyway. Which ever way you go please post pics!!! Good luck in deciding!
  2. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I'm happy to say that Saturday I purchased a new Raptor. Now my GT500 has another SVT to keep it company. I'll post some pics soon.
  3. Ford claims the Raptor's fuel economy is 11city/16hwy. I'm curious to know what real world MPGs are for city driving in the Raptor? Also, with the supercharger installed what is the impact to MPG under normal driving conditions?
  4. 662HP631TQ, my post was in regard to statements like these (which I’m sure for some includes a fair amount of sarcasm): * When I saw it, I threw up in my mouth a little * Looks like anything to make a buck and pander to the Facebook crowd. * But the price...........yikes * A Focus - regardless of what's added to it - is still a Focus. * This however is a Terrible Idea... * its ridiculous putting the Shelby name on a butt ugly car to begin with! By and large the posts were positive on the Focus, and even though one of my examples is from one of your posts, you have repeatedly stated you hope this venture is successful, and I respect that. As for everybody else’s post(s), I respect all opinions, and I apologize if anyone feels that I’m bashing or otherwise disrespecting posted views. I agree 100% with your comment on disposable income, 662HP631TQ, but disagree on the price ratios not being a good point. I too hope they sell out. Time will tell. B)
  5. Since there were multiple replies to this topic about the pricing I thought I'd run a few numbers. If you go to Shelby American and price a 2013 GT500 Super Snake, and add it in interior option and have NO power adder option, you get $54,200.00 for the base car and $31,990 for the SS upgrade for a total investment of 59.04% of base sticker. Now, do the same thing for the Focus, and you get $23,700.00 for the base car and $14,995.00 for the Shelby upgrade (which includes the interior) for a total investment of 63.2% of base sticker. In terms of pure ratios, those are both pretty close. Oddly enough, that 63% annoys us while we happily talk and brag about our 59% for the SS. I live in Reno, where we have Hot August Nights. That's 5000 classic cars to oogle and drool over for the first week of August. I've seen cars that have $100,000.00 or more invested in them. Cars I don't really get, and am not into hobby-wise. But when I see the owners obsessing over their baby like I obsess over mine, I understand. Would I spend that kind of money and time on, say, a 1958 Chevrolet Biscayne? No. But I respect the person who did. And I've seen some amazing examples of them. Wanna see automotive art? Go any low rider show. Do I get that concept? No. Do I want one? No. Would I spend the time and money that those owners put into that type of car? Not really. But I absolutely and thoroughly enjoy looking at the mechanical and cosmetic art that makes a nicely crafted low rider. And to talk to and hear the stories of taking the car from nothing to that is really inspiring. I also don't get the 'ricers' as many people call them. But when I see a fine example of, say, and RX-7 that has been modified to the hilt, and it performs and looks amazing. I'm impressed, even though I would never, ever put that kind of time and money into one. When I see my first 2013 Shelby Focus ST, I'm going to talk to the owner about the car, and ask him or her all about it and enjoy being with a) another Shelby owner, and B) another car enthusiast. I may not 'get it' the way that owner does, but I 'get' the car bug. And I support anyone who is inspiring to irrevocably contract the same car bug disease I so happily have! LOL
  6. Oh, wow! This thread was a very, VERY enlightning read. LOL The only thing I can add to the neurosis is that I have a dedicated bucket, microfiber towels, claybar, and special order 'waxing solution' solely for the Shelby. For some reason I just can't bring myself to use any part of my Shelby Beautification Kit on any lesser vehicle.
  7. How quickly do the tickets sell out? I'm want to determine how neurotic I need to be in checking on this so I don't miss out. I already have my hotel reservation and time off from work arranged and this would be my first time attending.
  8. 1965 Mustang coupe (D-Code 289) A pair of 1965 Fastbacks that were junk. Got them for free for pulling them off of a guy's property. 1968 Javelin (what was I thinking?) 1979 Jeep Pickup 1990 Bronco Eddie Bauer 1968 Roadrunner (440/4-speed and manual drum brakes LOL) 1970 Cuda (383/4-speed) 1975 Ford F250 (to support towing the cuda during restoration) 1969 Mach 1 (351W/4-speed) 1996 F150 Lariat 1997 Dodge Intrepid (bought it new and the engine died with 900 miles on the odo) 2004 Mach 1 2006 F250 Amarillo 1972 F250 Sport Custom 1978 F350 (parts for the 1972 project) 1988 F250 (parts for the 1972 project) 1997 Jeep TJ (5.2 v8/NV3550 5-speed) 2001 Honda Accord (eventually went to kid as 1st car) 1976 Country Squire wagon (460 twin turbo project) 2012 GT500 (bought it new in May) If I had to choose a car that I wish I still had it would be the 65 coupe. The brakes went out with my daughter, then 2 y/o, in a car seat in the back at a major intersection. I was mad so I sold it for something more family oriented and safer. I had put so much work into it during college that I really should have kept it stored somewhere until I was ready to restore it. D'oh!
  9. That's good to hear. I kind of figured I was being paranoid but thought that asking wouldn't hurt since this is 'my baby' and all. :D
  10. Hi, everyone. I'm happy to report that my 2012 GT500 arrived the day before I was to leave for vacation. I got the thrill of driving it home to let it sit in my garage for a week. On Memorial Day I drove it on a road trip and observed something that seems odd to me in 5th and 6th gear. When cruising at 55 (5th gear) or 65/70 (6th gear) I let off the gas -- for example because a car in front if me is slowing down to move out of the lane I'm in -- then get on the gas I swear I feel a clunk. I'm not shifting gears and I'm not stomping on it. Keep in mind that this car has only 200 miles on it and I've only driven it 5 times (no joke, 5 times...). Has anyone else felt or noticed this? Should I be concerned? Once I noticed this I checked in other gears and can't really feel it. in 5th and 6th gears I was at about 1400 RPMs just cruising.
  11. I hear what you're saying RacerX009. At car shows I always hear people pointing out the flaws in other people's cars. And sometimes it is over the weirdest things too, such as the wrong type of battery connectors. But I also hear people being really supportive even if they don't agree on the philosophy behind a modification. Although I personally wouldn't consider combining a charger and mustang I will admit that the level of craftmanship and attention to detail is phenominal. Plus the juxtaposition of the smooth, curved front charger clip and sharp angular lines of the mustang body is certainly an 'artistic' statement. :D
  12. Thanks, everyone, for all the positive feedback. I called my local Ford dealer today and asked about the stripe package. At $1,400.00 for the pieces (without installation) I'm thinking that painting is a good idea. LOL I'll be sure to post some pics when the car arrives!
  13. Hi, everyone. In about 7 days or so my 2012 Kona Blue GT500 should arrive. When I ordered it I opted for the 67F (SVT) and 58N (Electronics) options. Since I couldn't get the wide white stripes with the 67F option I added the 46D (stripe delete) option. So...I am curious to get people's opinions on whether or not I should order the stripe kit (wide white stripes) and have a body shop add them. I get the whole, "It's my car and I can do what I want..." thing but I'm interested in hearing other's views or experiences on this.
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