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  1. Hey Quicksilver please get ahold of me. Thanks,


  2. Sent you a PM. Let me know, I'm very interested. Thanks
  3. There is a set of place mats for sale on eBay recently. I think there were 3 sets of 10 mats. This is set #1. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F174086313990
  4. I'm looking for one too. I called Kicker and they don't have have one and not making anymore. The customer service rep said its the housing that fits in the trunk area. Special casing made just for 05-09 cars.
  5. I was looking at it on my phone and missed that it was on eBay. Thanks
  6. I have the gauge pod for NA cars in my car. It was installed at Shelby in their mod shop back in 2007. It has the oil temp gauge instead of the boost gauge.
  7. Yes, put a little tension by adjusting the height of the vertical pins to prevent the pin from sliding/moving in the pin plate cradle. It will require several opening and closings of the hood. My recommendation is to remove the hood latch bar, so it doesn't catch, then you can open and close the hood without having to pop the latch every time from inside the car.
  8. As some of you know Swedeman (Dave H.) put his low mile 2007 Factory SC Paxton car up for sale a couple of weeks ago. Well, after a lot of phone calls and emails and a Grabber (Rob) inspection, I bought the car and had it shipped from Washington State back to Iowa. I've always wanted a Paxton car, so when this opportunity came up I couldn't pass it up. It's immaculate, including the undercarriage, which still looks brand new. So the myth that TS members never buy a car from another TS member is broken. Loving the car, here are a few pictures. Dave
  9. Congrats & welcome - The Gt-H's are fun cars.
  10. The last white 1/18 scale a member had on eBay went for pretty good money, like $400. I did a search of sold eBay items, but couldnt find it, it''s been too long ago. I did see a couple of 1/18 Black SGT die cast in the sold items for over $160.00. GLWS
  11. Agree with Jeff, more for looks than functionality. I still have my originals that are now 12 years old. Turned them on the other day and they both still worked
  12. Never mind, I found it in the Shelby Performance Parts section. Its great and invaluable information.
  13. Is there a thread out there dedicated to this? I don't think they exist on SPP any longer. I seem to remember that Jer posted some links to Scott Drake & Shelby exclusive parts install guides a few years ago. If not, I wonder if we couldn't get one started? I have some PDF's of a few things, for example Battery hold down and brake duct kit. Thanks
  14. I just bought the entire set from CJ Pony Parts for $41.85. https://www.cjponyparts.com/drake-muscle-cars-hood-pin-kit-stainless-steel-2005-2009/p/HDPK4/
  15. The cover on my GT-H was harder to remove than my 2007 SGT. I swear the hood pin cut outs on the cover were a little smaller on the GT-H, so I experienced what you did last winter when I swapped out my grille.
  16. GLWS and not trying to tell you what you list your car for, but I bought a very clean car similar to yours, but with 11,000 miles on the clock for $27K just about 1 year ago. Granted I felt I got it for a great price. I watched prices on cars that sold in similar condition for awhile and they seemed to fall in the high 20's to mid 30's. The higher listing prices seem to be from dealers and lower one's from private sellers. Just giving you feedback.
  17. This is what I have on my rears right now - https://www.evoperform.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=11_80&products_id=438&zenid=lhfjutk5ef3svugi45ibrrbs77
  18. I had these on my car and what Steven said was the price I paid. The rear rotor kit from Baer was $700.
  19. Bring it to Shelbyfest in Jeff City the first weekend in May. Put a for sale sign on her. There will be a lot of Mustang/Shelby enthusiasts there, so you never know, you might get an offer.
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