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  1. The cover on my GT-H was harder to remove than my 2007 SGT. I swear the hood pin cut outs on the cover were a little smaller on the GT-H, so I experienced what you did last winter when I swapped out my grille.
  2. GLWS and not trying to tell you what you list your car for, but I bought a very clean car similar to yours, but with 11,000 miles on the clock for $27K just about 1 year ago. Granted I felt I got it for a great price. I watched prices on cars that sold in similar condition for awhile and they seemed to fall in the high 20's to mid 30's. The higher listing prices seem to be from dealers and lower one's from private sellers. Just giving you feedback.
  3. This is what I have on my rears right now - https://www.evoperform.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=11_80&products_id=438&zenid=lhfjutk5ef3svugi45ibrrbs77
  4. I had these on my car and what Steven said was the price I paid. The rear rotor kit from Baer was $700.
  5. Bring it to Shelbyfest in Jeff City the first weekend in May. Put a for sale sign on her. There will be a lot of Mustang/Shelby enthusiasts there, so you never know, you might get an offer.
  6. I would agree with Mongoose and others - $22K - $25K for a low mile unmolested original car. Where are you located in the Midwest? Also, anything set the car apart a little? Grey or Tan interior? Options such as heated seats or Nav? Shaker 500 or 1,000 sound system?
  7. Oil Temp seems to be the tough one to find. I have that one on my N/A set up. I can tell you that overall it's just a hole filler as my temps rarely get above 210 degrees. Most of the time it barely seems to move the needle
  8. I like it. Looks good. Thanks for sharing.
  9. 100% agree with you Swede. Gary did my interior back in 2009 and then refreshed the lower seats in 2017. Nothing but 1st rate customer service. I just found out that he retired a couple of weeks ago when I bought a discounted SGT car bra off of eBay. During the purchase Gary reached out and thanked me and said he was retired. I'm happy for him, but darn it whose going to do a custom interior for my Hertz car now?
  10. Polar Vortex dropping down to Iowa and other parts of the country. Record lows projected -30 with wind chills of -55. Ugh!!
  11. 5 & 9 were sold on eBay dash plaque and key chain together for ~ $150 each. #6 was just the dash plaque and it sold for $338. So if the seller of #6 was the one who purchased it originally on eBay, they are selling at a loss.
  12. This is from Steve Thorton from registry posts from about 8 years ago. Good history on our cars. Dave Did you know that although the majority of the 5,651 Shelby GT's produced for the 2007 model year were built with a Charcoal (black) interior there were two other interior colors available? Well there certainly was and these two additional color choices were Light Graphite (Gray) and Parchment (Tan). Out of the 5,651 Shelby GT's for the 2007 model year, 639 cars were built with the Light Graphite interior with another 144 cars being fitted with the Parchment interior. As you can see having a SGT with a Parchment interior is pretty rare and something you won’t see every day, that is unless you own one. Also, 3 parchment cloth, 11 gray cloth, 24 charcoal cloth. 07 SGT California Edition with light graphite (grey) interior: 34 white coupes, 19 black coupes.
  13. I was cruising eBay and saw this. Only 350 miles, but priced too high https://www.ebay.com/itm/2008-Mustang-Shelby-GT/233055127128?hash=item36432b0658:g:8x4AAOSw76lcGbVx&vxp=mtr I'd pay$30K for it
  14. Nice, and it looks like they still have a deep draw hood option.
  15. They are tough to find. I have a couple spares, but then I have 2 cars that take this grille, so I'm going to hang on to them because of just what happened to you. I'll keep my eyes open for one though. Some times they pop up on eBay. Also, what are you willing to pay for it? A friend of mine just paid $550 for an 08 grille and surround and I just sold a black grille insert with no pony emblem for $250 to a TS member. Good luck. Dave
  16. This guy had a set on eBay for about a month and they sold for about $150 with free shipping. Personally, I stocked up and bought 3-4 sets of these mats a few years ago when Shelby clearanced them for $23 a set. I would imagine other owners on this forum did too, so you'll be appealing to newbies or owners that recently bought a car with no mats IMO. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-Shelby-GT-Front-Floor-Mats-RARE/223221868143?hash=item33f90f666f:g:rqoAAOSw8Jlbu7yl
  17. Jeff, Yes, I think I was one of those members that sent you some of this stuff originally back in the day and then you pinned it. Anyway, the thing I posted was just in reference to Don's post I don't see what it hurts to put in my response.
  18. Thanks Don, I actually don't think I've seen those versions of the 2007 cards before. I only have this version which was sent as a PowerPoint to Ford Dealers in fall 2006. Shelby GT Information Packet - EFC.pdf
  19. I've seen these on eBay periodically. Usually sell from $10 - $20.
  20. Really, no one has a set they want to part with?
  21. I'm looking to buy a set of these that includes the trunk mat for my GT-H. If any owners have a spare set they'd sell I'd pay $350 for a new set with trunk mat.
  22. When/if you do the airbag recall mask off with blue painters tape around the edges of the cover and the plastic trim directly below the cover as some have reported scratches on that trim when having the recall done. Mine cover is signed by Carroll, so I was uber nervous about this. I basically stood over the tech while he did it.
  23. My 2015 Super Crew goes in for this and the door latch recall fixes tomorrow. I hate it when door panels and other trim have to be removed. They never seem to put it back together the way it was originally.
  24. Is original poster still looking for a set of these? I have a friend that has a pair that is the entire headrest, not just the covers. I think he wants $350 for the pair.
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