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  1. Repalcement Tires?

    Okay, after consultation with my tire guru (BB) I'm going with a little wider tire 255/50 17 Hankooks. https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?gclid=CjwKCAjwma3ZBRBwEiwA-CsblEy0DSJBK97PBrnb4nqBaTcdNVwjHAqCxrZuJp-6Vme4K_Y-IPEZORoCfIEQAvD_BwE&tireMake=Hankook&tireModel=Ventus+ST+RH06&partnum=55WR7RH06&GCID=C13674x012-tire&KEYWORD=tires.jsp_Hankook_Ventus_ST_RH06_Tire&code=yes&src=17540115&ci_sku=55WR7RH06&ci_sku=55WR7RH06&ci_src=17588969&s_kwcid=AL!3756!3!72322456933!!!g!99873174013!&ef_id=WxlTNgAAAFsbqldN:20180621212045:s
  2. Repalcement Tires?

    Even though low miles I think I'm going to replace the 12 year old stock tires. I'm thinking about BFGoodrich g-Force COMP-2 A/S Ultra High Performance All-Season , CONTINENTAL EXTREMECONTACT DWS 06Ultra High Performance All-Season or HANKOOK VENTUS S1 NOBLE2Ultra High Performance All-Season Thoughts - I had Hankooks on my SGT for awile and they seemed like a good all - season high performance tire. Thanks, Dave
  3. Average insurance price

    Iowa - Insured for $45K stated value. No deductible $663 per year. No mileage limits, but cant be a daily driver/grocery getter.
  4. Repalcement Tires?

    Certainly have gotten good reviews on the websites I visited. I might check them out. Thanks
  5. Repalcement Tires?

    Thanks Andrew - with the Hertz car I just want a good all weather high performance tire. I don't see myself doing any high speed events with this car, more cruising and travel to & from events. So durability is important to me as well.
  6. Yep, found D MAZE on inside passenger frame rail
  7. Shelby Production Banners

    Thanks Harald. I have some learning to do on the GT-H. I'm late to the game, but always loved these cars. I'm glad to finally own one. I've admired yours at a couple of different bashes!
  8. Yep, got that on order already. I need to inspect undercarriage some more to see if any other damage and get an alignment done.
  9. Thanks Harald. I wonder if it was replaced at some point in rental service? Would Hertz have records on that? When I had the car on a lift this week. The fuel line cover on left side of car had a big hole in it and right side frame rail had scratches, like car hit big speed bump at speed, or went off road possibly. I wonder if damaged front facia too and Hertz replaced it. Nothing on Carfax though about reported damage. Hmmm, I'll have to research further. Dave
  10. I'd like to know the answer to this question. My lower facia on 06H0095 is unpainted. See pics from my arrival post.
  11. I have a set of the Front Baer Extreme brakes - 14 in slotted and drilled rotors, 6 piston calipers on my SGT. Probably way more brake than I need, but I got them as part of a great SAI sale a few years ago. About a year ago I noticed that on a hard brake over 60 mph the front end would shudder. I thought maybe warped rotors. I called Baer Tech and they said to get them checked out and to burnish the pads with a red scotchbrite pad. I took the car to a local shop and we put each rotor on his spinner and checked it with a dial indicator and all was okay. We also burnished pads and cleaned everything. It was marginally better for awhile, but is now doing it again. Wheels are also balanced and true. I'm about getting ready to just order some new rotor rings but before I do does anybody have some tech suggestions on what else to try? Has this happened to you? Thanks, Dave
  12. Just reporting out on an old problem. After many months of trying different things I put new rotors on and problem solved. Car stops on a dime and no shudder. Even though I had the old rotors tested, that must have been the issue.
  13. Shelby Production Banners

    I just realized the last post were from 2 years ago, but I agree, bring them back
  14. Shelby Production Banners

    Yes, I'd buy a 2006 Hertz banner.
  15. Car 295....need documents

    I contacted Mike Beard last week for the 2006 car I bought recently. He said no one had claimed the Hertz documents. They shipped them next day air, no charge to me. All were nicely laminated in a folder and envelope with the car's VIN number on it. It was like opening a time capsule. I was pretty pumped to get them. Mike said even if a previous owner has claimed the original documents that they keep a copy of everything and will at least send copies to the new owner, which I thought was pretty cool. The previous owner had the Shelby stuff and had everything but the 40th Anniv. badge, which by luck I was able to pick one of those up on eBay this week.
  16. So, for those that know me it's never too long before I'm looking for another cool Shelby Mustang. I've always loved the 2006 GT-H and that it was the fore father of the SGT. The car that got Shelby back in business. A low mile beauty was listed on eBay with two auctions and no bids. It looked like a great car. I contacted the owner and we agreed on a very fair price. We drove into Chicago area yesterday, did the deal and drove her home. Somehow managed to avoid the rain coming home. I was very excited the get this car. A little history - It was in Hertz Fleet in Denver, sold by auction to McCarthy Ford in WI. Was then purchased by a private seller in WI and then by that owners' brother-in-law in Illinois. The car had 10,089 miles with Hertz. When I bought it yesterday it showed 10,768 on the odometer. There are some imperfections from when it was in rental service, but overall a super clean car with good paint. It was well cared for the past 10 years. BikeBoy can you help post a few pictures for the Shelby community. I have not posted pictures since Photobucket started charging. Thanks, Dave
  17. New 2006 Hertz In the House

    Who knows Chris but I'm thinking I might keep this one for awhile
  18. New 2006 Hertz In the House

    Yes, that's a good process. I like turtle wax ice. I use it on other vehicles and love the spray detailer. Previous owner said he used it. Thanks for the tips. A professional detailer also seems like a great option 😉
  19. GT-H Parts Availability?

    I called today and they said they have side badges available. You have to call Ford and verify car. Then Shelby can issue you part. Side badges are $50 set. You have to return old set off your car. Call Shelby customer service and ask for Daniel Velarde. I think that's how you spell his name.
  20. So I've been looking at some 06/07 hertz cars for sale and some of them have rough sill plates or Hertz badges and the side of the car. Are either of these parts still available through Shelby or are you owners stuck with the aftermarket/eBay trying to find this stuff? I think I know the answer, but just wanted to confirm it. Thanks
  21. New 2006 Hertz In the House

    You all will laugh, but this is the first black car I've ever owned. I guess time to embrace the constant polishing.
  22. GT-H Parts Availability?

    Chris, I don't think they are bad looking either. I'll see when I view the car later this week. The drivers side sill plate looks like it's got some pitting in it, so if those are still available from Shelby I may request a swap out. Getting pumped for a new addition to the stable. Dave
  23. GT-H Parts Availability?

    Darn it, that's what needs it on one of the cars I'm looking at.
  24. Rebuilt Shelby GT

    I was able to view them. Looks like quite a project. Congrats on brining her back to life.
  25. GT-H Parts Availability?

    Well that's more encouraging than I thought.