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  1. Wow. I had no idea there would be a problem replacing tires. Thanks for sharing your time and research on rubber. I love that red car and all your collection as well. Is it hard to decide which one to drive?
  2. How many miles on yours? I just bought one and shifters hard between 1st and 2nd. Only 375 miles on mine. Seller told me it should smooth out with more miles driven.
  3. I just bought one and have not put many miles on it yet. It is not the fastest car I have driven but it is a blast to drive. It has a great feel for the road. Sounds like music to my ears. Handles great. Turns a lot of heads. I tell my wife it is her, but it may be the car attracting the attention. Because they are so rare most people have not seen one. I think the series 1 turned out a little overweight and underpowered but it's not all about HP at least not for me. I'm sure the supercharged motors have plenty of giddie-up. It really is a fun, but not so practical car. New owner CSX5123
  4. I recently bought a series 1 and just joined this club/forum thinking it may provide some useful info from other series 1 owners.
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