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  1. Actually, because of the immense awesomeness of the community of owners here I'm going to give the story of #178 for anybody that comes down the road in the future. I Bought this car in 2010 in Penticton, BC right out of a museum showroom. The price was $52,000 canadian, maybe a little steep but I loved it. I bought it with 14,000 miles on the clock. I put 12,000 miles on it in roughly 4 years. It received an oil change, Valvoline full synthetic 5w20 every 1000 miles. It only ran 94 octane. I did cut the security wire with the intention of redoing later. I can still provide receipts for all purchases. Everything I installed, minus the Double DIN stereo, was Shelby Authentic or at least FRRP. The stripes that were sold with and installed on the car recently are not from Shelby, just ebay. I did install the GT500KR spoiler, GT500 lettering, sequential tail lights, GT500 steering wheel emblem, GT500 KR floor mats, Shelby lower billet grill, FRRP valve covers, the 40th anniversary badge on the passenger side dash. In October, 2012 I was out with the car and got caught in a freak snow storm. I did hit the curb, broke the passenger side rim and tie rod and scratched the rocker panel. The repair took 9 months because I triple made sure everything was Shelby specific to maintain as much value in the car. The car was never, ever driven in the winter. I installed 20x9 Shelby razor in the front and 20x10 in the back with continental extreme contact dws. I sold the car because of a switch of professions. I wished to hell I hadn't. The kid who bought from me was a young east indian guy with a shady past. He was very insistent I keep MY insurance on the car after the sale. Didn't happen. On the test drive, he hit 65mph and did a brake stand. A F***ING BRAKE STAND! Just so you get a picture of who this kid was. The next day, I drove the car up to Kelowna to finalize the sale, took my plates off and went on my way. He purchased the car on a Saturday, and i had a little money owing on the car still. The credit company informed it would be 2 business days for the title to clear and he would not be able to insure the car until tuesday. I received a call 45 minutes after I left saying he was trying to obtain insurance..... I know for a fact, Im not sure how he did it though, he bypassed ICBC somehow for insurance. I wiped my hands clean and walked away. Here in Penticton, another local Ive come to know through car shows owns a 1966 GT350H. She's a photographer and did various shoots with both our cars. After I sold the car she had hers at a car show in Kelowna and was talking to another Shelby enthusiast saying that he was at a local body shop and saw #178 shaped like a letter "V". I knew this would happen... After that I noticed the ebay ad. Im not sure what has happened from April 4th, 2014 until now to her but I know she is not what she used to be. Also, this car was fully documented and all documents and original parts were sold alongside the car. If anyone has anymore questions feel free to ask


    Can i ask you where you got those amazing tail lights from???
  3. Looks great, what brand blower is that?
  4. was hard to get a whipple to fit underneath the deep draw hood???
  5. Has anybody heard anything about when Shelby is going to release the light up custom door sill plates for the GT-H and other mustangs other than the GT500?
  6. Turns out it was a broken wheel bearing
  7. Hey guys, I just got an alingment done and after 1 week my driver side wheel is leaning in towards the motor and my passenger side seems to be leaning outwards towards the curb. I have the caster camber plates to install, will that fix this? Or do I maybe need to do the ball joints?
  8. Would it make any difference if i upgraded to 3.73 or 4.10 rear end or would the clearance on the ring and pinion still have to be checked
  9. Hey guys, I just had my oil changed and when I checked the rear diff fluid the colouring was fine but there was a bit of metal shavings in there. Ive only got 26,000 miles on it. Is that normal for a change already?
  10. Ya I've already got them in gun metal, 20". IMO they are an amazing looking wheel for the GT-H but i think powder coated black would just give it a much more aggressive look
  11. Im curious if anyone knows if the machined lip on the razor wheels can be powder coated or not. Or if anyone has done this this and has pictures
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