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  1. My two cents worth, this is what I see that’s not correct!! Wheels, grill, fog light assembly, side scoop, Super charger, cap set under hood, steering wheel airbag, name plate of mechanics missing, exhaust tips, gauge package, fuel rails and hood. I stopped looking after those items, really bad representation of a Super Snake.
  2. Received my 17 Super Snake April 6, Western Pennsylvania weather has kept it inside but I have managed to put 400 miles on it. Wow what a great car, have not really got on it yet waiting for first oil change and some more miles. Took it on the Turnpike love the exhaust sound, the way it rides is amazing. My 2007 GT rides somewhat hard and the Snake with the larger wheels I thought might be worse, the ride is actually much better. As stated previously the hood at highway speeds does bounce to the point it can be worrisome. The hood latch on mine will need adjusted also it is difficult to unlatch, takes several attempts to get it open. Gauges all work well I was wondering if they hardwired them now because of past issues, pictures I received during the build my dash was disassembled like they may have run some wires. Bottom line love the car worth the wait!!
  3. Received my 2017 Super Snake, triple yellow with white strips Friday night. Thank you to everyone at Shelby America especially Chris Ruby for putting up with me the last couple months. Mr Philips from Image Auto Group did a fantastic job car came covered and safe, thank you. Took it out today put a hundred miles on it WOW, loved the 2007 this one is insane and I really took it easy, it was tuff but I kept out of it, cut a block of wood and put it under the gas peddle. Just joking ? see you all at Summit and Carlisle. Be safe
  4. I went to the Vintage Grand Prix the Year the Mustang was the featured car. It was really great to be in the middle of it showing my car with all the Mustang owners from all over Western Pennsylvania.
  5. Signed up for Carlisle under Team Shelby, plan on bringing the new Super Snake should get it in April. Probably won’t track it but would like to go to Summit also, car won’t have any real miles on yet. If there is any info on places Team Shelby is staying email me the information, see ya there..
  6. Z-man I signed up for Carlisle under Team Shelby, haven’t been able to go for a couple years.  I plan to bring my new 2017 Super Snake hope to get it in April would like to go to Summit but will not track it till I get used to it.  If in the pits and doing maybe the parade lap is that an option?  Do you guys still stay at the George Washington in Fredericksburg?  Does Team Shelby try to stay at anyplace special in Carlisle?  Any info would be appreciated hope to see you there. Mike

  7. Thank you for the insight on your view of the Super Snake. I love my 2007 GT/SC, it is a fun car to drive and I do a lot. It is stored from October to April western PA, couldn’t put it out even on a nice day, to much salt on the roads. My Super Snake should be done soon, it will be shipped in April I really started to get excited as Chris Ruby sent me some pictures of it during the build. They did an awesome job it has exceeded my expectations, the next couple months will be torture. Plan on going to the Ford Nationals in Carlisle this year missed the last two.
  8. I ordered mine through Shelby when I ordered the car but I won’t see it till April, not sure if it’s like the one I ordered from them for my 2007 GT/SC but I loved the fit and style of it. I hope the new one is the same quality.
  9. Mike, Youngwood, 2007 GT/SC black/silver, 2017 Super Snake yellow/white, love going to various car shows as time allows. Hope to be at the Ford Nationals with the new Super Snake.
  10. 15 weeks and mine hasn't hit the shop yet, maybe it'll be my Christmas present. They must be buried with orders taking longer than they had projected. I'll get to drive it next year, after the snow melts.
  11. When I was out in Vegas in May they had only 100 Super Snakes going to dealers, so 400 was available for sale. So yes they would be still available, mine is 163 ordered back in March, and I picked that number, they are not necessarily sold in order. That was the house number I grew up in so it is only significant to me, and some of the other numbers I wanted had already been taken.
  12. My car has been there 9 weeks and hasn't hit the shop yet, hope it does first of September. Yellow with white painted stripes, 750hp automatic. I'd like to get it by October mid November at the latest, western Pennsylvania gets snowy and cold by then. Number 17SS0163 I can't wait. I have a 07 GT/SC Black with Silver stripes, love driving it and I do, plan on driving the Super Snake also. They will get stored from November till April, that's a long enough rest.
  13. It will be yellow with white stripes, polished wheels it's an automatic. I have a black 07 GT/SC it's a Whipple SC, I got the package installed four years ago and love driving the car. I told Shelby if they can't ship in October to keep it there can't do much with it in western Pennsylvania in winter.
  14. My 2017 Mustang just arrived in Vegas 6/27 they are telling me possibly 4-5 months before it's complete. It will be 17SS0163 750hp, not going to be easy waiting that long, I will post some pics when I get them. Ford actually lost the car, I was told it shipped on 4/27, I'm just glad it finally got there.
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