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  1. I didn't know it was 9.5" only ? I taught it was 10" wide.....optionnal SVT pack wheels.
  2. Thanks for the input. I'm also wondering if 305 is too wide for the OEM 10" wide rim ?
  3. I'm looking at new rear tires as they worn out, the front ones are still great. I want to buy the same Eagle F1 Supercar G2, to match the front OEM ones. Now, I'm wondering if 305 is too wide for my GT500 2011 with SVT PP ? It makes only about 2% of difference in diameter with OEM, but does 305 is too wide for the 20x10 OEM wheel ? Any rubbing expected ? Money is no object as there's only 20$ per tire of difference. I'd like to have your opinion guys ! Thanks !
  4. Thanks for all answers ! In fact, I'm not and will never be racing.....The 2 days of track I have done, we're mostly advanced driving courses, with an instructor onboard all the time ! I enjoy the track to test the limit of my car, and improve my driving, not to race. During the week-end a certain moment, I almost taught to exchange my 01 Vert GT500 against a Boss 302, but I love my GT500..... So whenever I decide to keep driving her on the track, I'll have to find a roll cage, maybe better brake pads, and new tires.....the F1 Supercar are now quite worn ! Otherwise next time I'll drive my Golf R at the track, instead.....but the big strait line power will miss me for sure into the R....
  5. I am at "Mont Tremblant" (North of Montreal) track this week-end, and been very lucky that the accepted me exceptionally without roll cage on my 2011 Shelby Convertible. But they also mention me to "never again come here without it", so I'm wondering how much cost a roll cage and how hard it is to install ? Many german cars here, race without it as they accept the "automatic release protection bar" that are released automatically very quickly in case of roll over. Still don't understand how can a fast car like the Shelby, or even the Supersnake doesn't come with such feature from the factory. Are they only strait line car ? Even there, it's also a requirement for the fastest car at the drag strip.....so no way to race without it ! I seriously think to switch to a Boss 302 or even a BMW M3 if I get addicted to racetrack.....
  6. Who are the members living in Canada, near Quebec and Ontario interested by a shorter replacement trip ? Let say, this could start in Ontario and end up in Nova Scotia, catching up member along the road. Anyone ?
  7. About the SS package, I'm wondering how easy it is, to launch the car from a standstill ? I mean, 800 hp to the rear wheels, you must be easy on the throttle, no ?
  8. My accident was only touching the body. I hit a road bike, and made for about 6k$ of damage. They changed the front left fender, repair de front bumper, changed the hood, fixed the driver's door, changed the windshield, and changed the front left wheel. I've been waiting 2 months for the hood as it was b/o. Otherwise, no mechanic was touched what so ever !
  9. First time I hear about it ! Less prestigious than Vegas, but only 900 km from here, so a way much closer. Does the quality the same ?
  10. In fact, I's assuming that the US / Can dollars to be near equivalent..... Also, I'm not counting the money spent, just to achieve my GT500 to Vegas, back and forth. It's a 4400 km trip, so I'll never drive my "baby" for such a long trip (and add near 10k km on the odo). Instead, I'd like to rent a pickup truck with a trailer, to bring myself the Shelby to vegas, or maybe a railway arrangement.
  11. Use the "build" tool on Ford's candian website, for a 2013 GT500 convertible, and add all available options and you'll end up at about 85k$ including sales tax (quebec is about 15%). For sure a base coupe GT500 is much cheaper.
  12. I was thinking to sell my '11 for about 45k$ Can, the '13 or '14 vert fully equipped is about 85k$ can including tax, so roughly 40k$ to spend..... It's quite close to the SS upgrade, 800 hp, front+rear brake upgrade, bigger cooler, interior upgrade and kicker sound. My main problem by selling my '11, is that I had an accident 2 years ago so there's been few body parts changed/painted, including the windshield. So I think that it might have affect the reselling value....and I might be loosing too much.
  13. For the horsepower wise, I know the Supersnake is definitely superior, but horsepower is not everything. The 2013-2014 GT500 has few improvement that even a Supersnake don't have, like the carbon fiber driving shaft. Braking wise, the updated 2013-2014 Brembo brake kit must be quite similar to the Supersnake, juste like the upgrade cooling system. For the track, I belive the Supersnake is superior but I'm not tracking my vert....
  14. Like the title says, I currently own a 2011 Shelby Vert, and I'm wondering, for about the same amount (+/- 35000$ Can), am I better to simply upgrade my 2011 vert to SuperSnake, or enjoy the newer technology (5.8 liter, carbon fiber driving shaft, etc etc) of the 2013 stock, GT500 ?
  15. After looking at the Supersport specs, they recommend for 305/30R20 rims, between 10.5 and 11.5" wide. So the best, would be to find a set of Alcoa 20" wheels, and even there, 10" wide is still shy a bit....
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