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  1. AFBLUE2

    Where Are You?

    Well I'm in VA, so it's not really the North East. Is VA too far north for the South East? Maybe VA in the Middle East
  2. Congrats and welcome. Let me see if I can guess the last 3 of your vin#. 367
  3. Hey this is a Shelby site. We don't like your kind around here. But since you made those cool toons for me and you have an awesome ride and you're a really nice guy, we'll make an exception. Hey Blip. Welcome.
  4. My car supposedly is the lowest numbered blue 08 SGT, but it was nowhere near the first one built. Probably 1000 blue ones built before mine. It's a long story. See my signature for the short version. i.e. ordered in Jun 07 but didn't arrive at SAI until Nov 07. I originally requested and was approved for 08SGT0023 but was later informed that 1-219 were reserved for Grabber Orange GT-Cs. I then was offered 0220 by SAI. UPDATE: The lowest CSM# for a Vista Blue SGT is 0218.
  5. As posted many times before, the 2007 SGT total was 5763.
  6. Will all the posts from both usernames be merged into one username?
  7. Mikhael, I've been on here alot, but as this site is so big... I'm getting the impression from robert's thread that for some reason, they can't merge my posts together under one name. It's either the afblue or the afblue_merged username. If that's the case, I'm not going to be too happy.
  8. I pmed you but reading your post above I'm confused. Are you saying I will lose the posts from one or the other account? I thought other members had already successfully had their posts merged, if so, why are we different?
  9. Sure. Any other 08SGT members who want to give me their: vin#, location, dealer, date purchased, body, transmission type, and all your options and I will add to the spreadsheet. Got some info on approx 140 08SGTs including 34 of the 219 Grabber Orange ones.
  10. So "AFBLUE" and "AFBLUE_merged" will become one? Also do you know if the members galleries from the old site will be available on here?
  11. No strong opinion, but if an old thread is resurrected I think it would be good for the mods to put it in its proper place. e.g. brakes/wheel thread would be more appropriate in the technical sgt section vice general discussion. JMO.
  12. another popular thread from the old site.
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