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  1. You think the Iphone 5 people were nuts for waiting in line for a week....I'd be first in line at the Alcoa Shelby wheel release! 4 for me!
  2. Thanks you to all you for the tips thus far. I took the wheels to a couple of tire/wheel specialists today. Without explaining the situation, every single person said the same thing; a metal tire bar did the damage...go figure! Interesting thing to point out...I even stopped at a competing Ford Dealership. They went as far as showing me the type of bar and machine that was probably used. The service manager there even took the time to hold the tire bar up next to my wheel to prove that it was the same width. it was quite funny. I thought this was an episode of CSI. At that point you know I had to snap photos. El Shelby, You could be right, but my argument in this case Is that I did an adequate walk around inspection before departing the service department. The damage here would not be noticeable unless I had known the specific wheel was broken down in order to pay that close of attention to it. At first glance you don't really notice the damage. You are right I can definitely steer a lot of people away from that dealership. I'm in a position in the military where I interact with 100s of military members as they arrive at the installation every month. Typical questions are usually centered around recommendations on where to take their vehicles for maintenance. People tend to listen to a guy drives a bad ass Shelby GT500 I have contacted Ford Corporation. A case has been opened. They sent a message to the dealership in question and are waiting to see how they handle this complaint before acting on it. I can't imagine Ford Corp allowing their reputation to be compromise even on one customer where it is obviously not something a typical customer would try in their home garage.
  3. I have owned my 2012 GT500 for one exactly one year today. Owned the brand new Alcoa Super Snake wheels for six month. Unfortunately the car has spent and enormous amount of time at my local Ford Service Department. The service department has worked on the TPMS and a squeaking noise off and on since I took delivery. A month ago they mentioned they would have to remove a tire from one of my Alcoa wheels in order to troubleshoot the TPMS sensor in the wheel. The next day the service rep called me and said the car was ready for pick up. A a smart-junction box was on order for the TPMS. When I picked the car up I walked around to inspect for damage, but didn't look closely at the wheels. I took the car home and parked it in the garage since they still can't figure out the embarrassing loud squeak coming from the rear of the car. Two weeks later I get a call telling me the smart junction box was in and I could bring the car in for the repair. I pulled my car out of the garage to give it a wash before heading to the dealership. While washing the right front wheel i find two large gouges on the outer bead of the wheel. Sickening feeling!!! I took the car to the service department and showed them the damage and explained that it look like the tire guy used a crow bar on my tire. The service manger said "yes, they should have used a plastic bar and not a steel one". He told me not to worry and that he would look into it. I was a dumb ass for falling for that! The dealer had my car over night while working the TPMS. The next morning I got a call from the service rep who told me the technician had documented the damage on the wheel during the previous visit. They have time and date stamped photos of the damage wheel. He went on to explain how the technician followed company policy to perform a walk around inspection prior to performing maintenance on the car. I was in complete disbelief. I went immediately to the dealer. They showed me photos that had no such time and date stamp. The photos were of the specific wheel in question. Funny how they missed a huge white scrape on my race red paint....no picture of that. I look over the car and low and behold I find damage now on the left front wheel. Almost the exact same type of mark. No pictures of this damage. I later spoke to the owner. He asked why I would ever put aftermarket wheels on the car. He said it does more damage and said the wheels were cheap. Probably made in China! Mind you he is talking about the Alcoa Super Snake wheels that carry the Shelby stamp. Please take a look at the wheel. They say I curbed it. I assure you the car has never been curbed. All maintenance has been performed by this dealership.
  4. Installed today new Shelby Super Snake Alcoa wheels w/ Toyo Proxes 4 high-performance tires.
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