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  1. Mine is all cloudy too,I was wondering if it could be painted?
  2. If you have a 2008 try this. http://mcmahonford.com/Look-Up-Window-Sticker/ If 2007 you might try callling FORD customer service.
  3. Need new tires,so I thought I'd change from stock to these. SGT mostly stock,any pros or cons and advice on other tIres is appreciated. STAGGERED SHELBY RAZOR CHROME WHEEL & NITTO INVO TIRE KIT - 18X9/10 (05-14 GT, V6) Staggered Shelby Razor Chrome Wheel & NITTO INVO Tire Kit - 18x9/10 (05-14 GT, V6) $1,959.99 http://s7d4.scene7.com/is/image/Turn5/33385?$enlarged810x608$
  4. Do yourself a favour and buy a new one,I agree with you my stock one is still on but I have a new one waiting in the wings just in case it gets so bad I can't stand it any more. You never know when they are not available any more.
  5. I like my SGT because I think it's special and unique, unique because in my town there is 2 SGT's and lots of GT 500's. Special because it's mine!!
  6. This is the best re-read I've had in a long time. If someone missed this go back to the first post and read all.
  7. Check out the mods on his car.....With all those Shelby mods I think he just wants to be one of us!
  8. It was Ford that sent the 07/08 mustang gt's to Shelby to be modified then took them back and sold them through their network as Shelby GT's. It was Ford that thought they would be "special" and would improve their brand.They didn't do it to help Shelby they did it to make the Mustang more desirable and in turn make them more money.
  9. I think you would have a good argument is saying that without the Legend that is Shelby you would not have the current legendary Shelby Mustang GT 500. The very car you are now driving.
  10. I don't think anyone here thinks they are better, we all see that Carroll Shelby took a great car that was built by Ford and made it better!! If you can't agree with that there is no sense continuing the conversation.
  11. This "Car" is something different for everyone that gets behind the wheel. I'm 67 years old for me it reminds me of my youth. In 1964 I was 16 and was fascinated by the new mustang but when the 1967 Shelby Gt 350 rolled out I was hooked. Unfortunately out of the price range of a 19 year old Private in the Army. Fast forward to 2016 and getting behind the wheel of my 07SGT0456 and running through the gears by the time I'm cruising in 5th I'm 19 my wife of 48 years is beside me radio blasting the new song Mustang Sally. Life is good!!
  12. Everyone is different ,but I installed flush mount on my 2007 SGT and I love the look. As long as it can be put back to stock...no harm no foul!!
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