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  1. What are the differences between the NOAH and EVOLUTION that are both made by COVERCRAFT. I was reading the description and both seem to be very similar in features but not so in price.
  2. I've been experiencing the same noise since getting the car only on the drivers side. It's a ticking noise only over bumps.
  3. The stripes are starting to grow on me. I seem to like them more and more everyday lol
  4. That's one hell of a Christmas present!!!
  5. I am assuming most of you live in the States? I don't think the weather and traffic work up here in Canada. I kind of wish I could have picked up mine with the navigation for the on screen display and back up camera
  6. Thanks for the invite but ill have to see if ill be in town that weekend. Hopefully I can make it as its not very far and would be a good cruise
  7. Congrats!!! I pick mine up on Tuesday night in Toronto :D
  8. I dont know how you do it man. A lot of driveway entrances in London are so high especially in the residential areas.
  9. why are you trading in your 2011 for a 2012? How much extra do you have to pay?
  10. Do you guys think it would be a big mistake if I were to remove the original striping and re-vinyl it with a flat black stripe thats wider?
  11. Just came home from the dealership after putting down my deposit on a new 2011 with trackpack in performance white with red stripe. I preferably wanted the stripe in black but couldnt go wrong with the price for the one they had there already. Paid $53,258 plus tax which came up to $60,233 tax in on the road which would have been roughly the same price if I had bought one new from the states. This will be my first domestic car and cant wait to pick it up next week. I think its a big upgrade from my Civic lol
  12. Nothing about the GT500 in the regular brochure. When I went to inquire about it they just gave me a regular mustang manual and said it was the closest one they have.
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