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  1. Yes i called but no answer seems to not be in service,i meant as if the AD is real? Because i was gonna scoop that up as soon as possible! Steve
  2. http://www.cars.com/go/search/detail.jsp?listingId=129064006&CMP=PrivatePartySIY Stumbled across this KR anyone know if this is legit?
  3. i would love to have a GT350
  4. http://www.cars.com/go/search/detail.jsp?tab=summary&recnum=&actLog=&listingId=93015982&paId=462160612&listingRecNum=2&criteria=sf1Dir%3dDESC%26alMdId%3d21712%26mkId%3d20015%26stkTyp%3dU%26mdId%3d21712%26kwm%3dANY%26rd%3d100%26crSrtFlds%3dstkTypId-feedSegId-mkId-mdId-pseudoYear-kw%26zc%3d11010%26rn%3d0%26PMmt%3d1-1-0%26stkTypId%3d28881%26sf2Dir%3dASC%26sf1Nm%3dprice%26yrMn%3d2009%26requestorTrackingInfo%3dRTB_SEARCH%26kw%3dShelby%26sf2Nm%3dmiles%26isDealerGrouping%3dfalse%26yrMx%3d2009%26alMkId%3d20015%26rpp%3d50%26feedSegId%3d28705&tracktype=usedcc&pageNumber=&numResultsPerPage=50&largeNumResultsPerPage=0&sortorder=descending&sortfield=PRICE&certifiedOnly=false&&aff=national it dont look like a super snake at all
  5. Nah i dont, if its that short id drop it off monday or tuesday.
  6. i do have the money its just a long wait
  7. I thought the 5.4l could handle up to 1000hp?
  8. hey im thinking about trading my sgt for a 2009 gt500 with 3,000 miles, it has the 750hp upgrade and it was done by shelby it has a plaque in the middle with the vin number and is signed by Shelby in marker and a bunch of other mods they want $55,000 for it and i think its nuts what do you guys think its worth its very clean car they claim 17,000 dollars of work, i dont think it has that much maybe 12,000 or im thinking about getting the the GT/SC package but i really dont wanna wait half the summer for it too use it, tell me what you guys would do.
  9. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Ford-Mustang-Shelby-GT-2008-FORD-Mustang-Shelby-GT-/280865719119?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item4164e6c34f ......
  10. I love the look of the new hood im thinking of getting one
  11. From Franklin square here hit me up when the weather gets nice Steven
  12. I just thought that the driver was he... i see you around franklin square. maybe we can meet at a car show or something like that
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