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  1. Alex, How do I find pricing on your mufflers??
  2. Have you sold any to Supersnake owners, not happy with the sound of the exhaust on it now???
  3. Julie if your ever in the Scottsdale area drop a line if you want to see the wheels close up and personal
  4. Do the black wheels, I get so many compliments on mine. My car is like Roberts Red/ black stripe black wheels it is just a great combination. I still have the original super snake wheels in durabright but bought a set of Alcoa wheels and had them widened to 12 in the rear then powdercoated black.
  5. Jer, Thanks for your follow up on my PM, I wanted you to know that I received my membership package Charistmas Eve"!!!! Merry Christmas to me, although my wife confiscated the travel mug already!! Thanks for all your help, will contact you after the holidays to discuss the other concerns.. Happy Holidays and New year too you and yours.
  6. Thanks Jer, hope this is reality, I know it has been an act of futility in the past...
  7. Will be there also 1 for sure 2009 SS possibly 2nd car 2013 Laguna Seca.
  8. Well, Going on 10 weeks now and when I called today all I got from Tim was "Because of the move we are starting to ship out again" Well what about from OCt 10th to now, this is crazy. I am a Fixed Operations Director for a large Auto Dealer Group (includes 2 Ford Dealerships) in AZ if I ran my parts and service departments like this we would be out of business. After I renewed last year I should have learned my lesson, I never received my memership package then either.. It is the normal blah blah blah, you hear from them if you do even get a response.
  9. I had the wheels powdercoated and the valve stems anodizedee in the pictures in my garage. I bought an additional set of wheels and had them done, I didn't want to take a chance on the original set of Supersnake wheels.
  10. Thanks, I am going to Vegas on the 12th and plan on stopping in and asking.
  11. From the album: 09SS0027

    Marti Reprot 1 of 1
  12. I have tried to contact via email and phone calls but no return calls or emails, has anyone tried to install Shelby Carbon Fiber Radiator Support Cover on their Supersnake? Product Code: S5MB-20201 I got the proverbial "We will get back to you" but they never do!!!
  13. Hey need a little help, I have contacted and emailed Shelby Parts numerous times with an acknowledgement (we will get back with you), has anyone used the carbon fiber Product Code: S5MB-20201 Radiator Cover for their Supersnake yet?
  14. Jer, Do we need to tell you if we received them or not? Or didn't anyone receive them?
  15. Did anyone receive a tuner from Shelby when they had thier Super Snake package complete?
  16. Have been promised a return call from Shelby for 3 weeks now, everyone is telling me the programming was never completed during the conversion correctly. Any Ideas??????
  17. Hey guys I need help from someone or guidance!! 2009 SS KB 3.6 no extra's I did change the wheels that is it, every time I drive this vehicle now the "Fail Safe Mode" light comes on, naturally I hit reset and the light goes back out 6-8 miles later the light comes back on. It is getting to the point now that when I accelerate at all the light will trigger. Any one else have an issue at all with that code???
  18. That is what a pre-nup is for, all 4 of my cars 09 Super Snake/ 69 Mach 1/ 69 GT 500/ 69 GT 350 were included in that!!!! I learned the FIRST time.
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