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  1. Tossing around some (alot) ideas on my next car purchase and I've always admired the 2007 Shelby GT. Looking for something that will be driven often. My logic behind pursuing this car, over a standard S197 is that I would probably not modify a rarer car, thus saving alot of time and making my wife happy... But I would want to drive the car and as I put about 20K miles a year on my cars, it would rack up the miles quite a bit. Just wondering if any others here daily drive their SGTs? Whos got the highest miles?! I'm still thinking about it but it seems that one of these are in my top 3 right now
  2. I just ordered my hood... cant wait to get it in... $48 for shipping to Baltimore, MD
  3. info and pics to prez1967 at hotmail.com
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