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  1. I've already made my point ....and no the game is still live because I see the score board and it doesn't say FINAl.
  2. Sgt have a csm # ...gt500 dont. Supersnakes and anything else that got blessed at SA. People that clone there v6 and there gts to look like SGT is because everyone knows Elvis is cool so let's be like him !
  3. Nice tip thanks for sharing. I just bought one from my buddy that took it off his super snake. I just need to modify it and put it on my SGT
  4. Tracy that's cool that you liked my ideal on Oct 11! You guys respond to feedback. Can I email you pictures instead? And where if so? Thanks . You guys are moving at business speed .
  5. South point..hotel really surprised me. $60 was a great price. And I felt comfortable parking my car there also.Food was great during 2015. Track time was amazing. But perfered 2014 spirited driving from Palm springs. The Gardena drive forget about it. I hAve great brakes but hate to use them so much in rush hour traffic. Having the carshow at SAI benifits everyone.
  6. Lots of pros and cons for the 15 and 14 bash's. Food was better during the 15 track was great...didn't mined driving to spring mountain. Gift bag was great. Leaving from Gardena 'sounds fun' but since I live 5 miles from it and know LOs angels traffic ....terrible driving experience for people passionate with the drive spirit . The people are always great. 2014 palm spring was nice. We drove like wild..animals beating our chest after a feasting!!!very passionate driving . You know it's a great time when someone's wheels are about to shoot off the axles and cops are grab one of us up for driving spirited ....Fun with a capitol F. Awards looked better ,and carshow was at Shelby american !!! I know it's a lot of hard work putting these bashes together but please consider incorporating the two and you got yourself abash above the rest......your welcome Kenji Bonds aka K beast
  7. Calender of the last shelby bash and team shelby events , magazine, tee shirt, discount at SAI and pen .
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