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  1. Don is awesome and a good guy. He knows his stuff on the Shelby GT H cars. I bought my 2016 Shelby GT H from Don. I would definitely buy from him again.
  2. jnhrvy's car is at Vantage(Don) now. 2016 Ford Shelby GT-H CSM 12 1 of Only 16 Supercharged w/ 6 Speed 670 HP
  3. From what I saw the new Shelby GT H had side stripes with Shelby GT H. Are you saying these had GT 350H side stripes?
  4. Most of the 2016 Shelby GT H left from Hertz have high miles plus some have been in accidents. I have a 2006 Shelby GT H {which I really like} but there is no comparison to my 2016 Shelby GT H. The 2016 is awesome!!! But I also like all Shelby's...You can never go wrong with a Shelby.
  5. You have to go through a Ford dealer that deals with Shelby. I have already check in on getting Shelby GT H. The Ford dealership handles the sale.
  6. Black and Gold GT H $83,300.00 with gold wheels 6 speed. $98,600.00 supercharged 6 speed. Is what i was quoted. You have to have a 2019 GT performance package to start with.
  7. Funny I got a quote on the same two cars at $83,300 and $98,600 both 6 speed.
  8. I think I heard Gary Patterson say it will only be 100 2019 GT H made. Is that right? I also agree with GT H 88.
  9. The Shelby GT H and GT will be built at Shelby American in Las Vegas.
  10. Remember the new Shelby GT H is not a Hertz numbered car like the 06 07 or 16. Hertz Shelby's are unique to Shelby. I think all Shelby's are nice but something about the Hertz Shelby I really like. I most likely will look at buying a 2019 Shelby GT H black and Gold 6 speed. Not sure if I would do the gold wheels. I'm on the fence if I like them or not.
  11. Got the brothers out to play.
  12. The guy I bought mine from sold 2 that had been supercharged. They were never rented and licencee cars. I forget the CSM #"s.
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