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  1. Yes....they can do it.....if you want the info please PM.....(I am not related to him in any business).
  2. Ask for Bruce and tell him that I recommended him......good luck!
  3. No it's not. Check this: http://www.southeastcarbonworks.com/ Everything you see in CF on my car came from this company.....I highly recommend him!
  4. Yes, you can order one. If you need the info please PM me.....
  5. I attended the SEMA show last year and I met a steering wheel manufacturer from Turkey. I ordered a new steering wheel....It's great!! real carbon fiber and alcantara, flat at the bottom and more grip!!
  6. So I replaced the mufflers of course.....I installed Super Snake 2013/2014 mufflers and changing the rear diffuser....
  7. Also I added the headers from American Racing and sold from SPP....the sound is awesome!!
  8. I have added some stuff lately.......I replaced the headlamps. 2013/2014 were installed. I found some convertors online and the installation was plug and play....
  9. It has been too much time since I posted here.......My car was in Vegas since May 2013 until February 2014 for the wide body kit installation. Here some pictures.
  10. Thanks again Jeff for your wise advise. I just ordered the stock springs. I was agreed with you without knowing about this....the best bet is going to be returning to the stock springs. I will update you as soon as they will be replaced. have a good weekend, Jorge
  11. Thanks Jeff for your answer and opinion. I forgot to describe my situation. I have a Shelby GT500 which came with the SVT PP. I replaced only the springs when I purchased the car almost three years ago. I put the Ford Racing 1.25" lowering spring set M-5300-L. The description of those says: MAY CAUSE A HARSHER RIDING. This is the reason. The riding quality is very bad and you can feel a nasty sound when the vehicle gets a bump or small hole. The other way is getting back the stock springs. The car only has a little over 3K miles so I guess that stock shock absorbers are fine....this would be the cheapest solution. I only drive a car a few miles per month but when I do it I don't like the quality of riding. ....what do you think? coming back to the stock springs? Right now is a Super Snake with wide body kit... Thanks again..... Jorge
  12. Anyone has tried any of these? what have been your experience or results? Eibach 35125.713 Eibach 35125.712 BILSTEIN B12 SUSPENSION SET
  13. leaving early tomorrow..............trailering the SS......I will be arriving Wed noon....see you guys...drive safe
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