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  1. 5GT and SGT are identical, just marketed differently (one for 4.6 and other for 5.4). i read somewhere that the the SGT had an extra baffle but i've ran both (one on my mustang GT and the other on my GT500) and they sound the same. they also both drone in low RPMs under load. they are made by Borla for Ford Racing. 5230-S are the same as the KR and are the ones to get. Not sure who manufactures them, but they are NOT Borla.
  2. first, i apologize for tone of my post. i realize it was inflammatory. in any event, i have experienced issues with broken links on the shelbystore.com site for years now (mostly related to instructions). lots of customers and end users of the site are relying on that information. i don't recall now, which link sparked my post, but i'd highly recommend combing over ALL links in the site to ensure they are all in working order. thank you.
  3. not. as. much. as. you. think. seriously... just give it a good spray inside and out but not enough for it to pool up or drip.
  4. yeah, tacking on a supercharger/turbos and all of the necessary plumbing undermines the whole point of the car and adds all kinds of problems to the equation... heat, weight, balance of power with other components. that would be a mistake in my opinion, but i'm sure there are plenty of people out there who don't understand all that and will try it anyway.
  5. wing or not, it looks pretty wicked. that shade of blue is gorgeous. my question is... how in the hell is Shelby American going to improve upon this?? there's no more meat on that bone. unless SAI tries to re-stripe it, badge it and throw on a supercharger (which would ruin the whole intent).
  6. ok, thanks for the info. yeah, that car was really awesome. a touch out of my price range though. :-(
  7. i dont think its that serious if you're reasonably careful. the appearance is worth it, in my opinion. the OEM splitter is a buck seventy-five from the dealer. not cheap, but not crazy expensive.
  8. yep, you're right. its purely subjective. i was never fond of the alcoas myself, especially the 18" KR version. they look like wagon wheels and the extra-blingy chrome comes across as too pretentious for my taste. when the ford designers created the GT500 they specifically chose the brushed aluminum look over the faux chrome of the base Mustang and for that reason they just don't match the car in my mind. however, its clear my opinion is not the popular opinion. i'm sure it would end up looking killer, regardless.
  9. a set of anthracite (gunmetal) or black shelby razor wheels would change the whole attitude of that car....
  10. Now might be a good time to invest in this... http://www.shelbystore.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=S7SB-1820-A
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