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  1. sounds good but if you need stock shocks and springs i still have them
  2. Where are you located? Sounds limke you're driving my car I recently sold and if so I do have stock shocks and springs for sale.
  3. This is the same color im trying to get, but I cant deal with $20,000+ dealer markup.
  4. For those of you wondering, I sold my Shelby because where I live and work is around 150 miles one way. I leave home on Monday go to work and stay at my son's apt till Friday then head home. I would have to refuel 3 times in a week which can get pretty costly. I also purchased the car back in 2011 thinking this would be the one, then Ford and Shelby decided to keep the dream alive for 2012 and on which meant I might as well start driving the thing. So off went the plastic and thats how I ended up using it as a DD. I racked up around 31,000 miles when I decided to pull the trigger on getting something a lil more practical. I purchased a new Mercedes E350 sport dang near fully loaded minus 2 options. The car is nowhere as fast as the Shelby but it does hold its own in traffic and on the interstate. Not to mention its like a lazyboy with wheels. I do miss my Shelby but I feel this would be a better choice for now. I'm still debating on placing an order for a GT350R though, but I'm waiting to see what will Ford do next. Who knows, maybe they will answer my prayers and build me a Taurus SHO with the GT500 5.8 SC. I'm sure that would give the Hellcat a run for its money. Don't bash me too hard for getting a Mercedes though.
  5. I'm going to stick around on the site just to see whats new and exciting. Who knows, I may just put my Shelby stickers on my Mercedes to keep the dream alive. On a side note, while driving in Orlando last week heading home, I was stopped in traffic and a guy jumps out his minivan and thanked me for purchasing a Shelby since he works at Shelby in Vegas. He gave me a handful of stickers. I thought that was neat. Gotta keep them for my scrap book.
  6. Just wanted to say thank you all for all the input for tweaking my 11 GT500 but I recently departed with her for something a lot more roomier for my long hauls daily. I loved that Shelby but gas and comfort on 3 hr trips a day or every other day wasn't happening for me. I may come back to the arena once I'm ready to retire. Once again, thank you all for all the information and recommendations you all made.
  7. If u want one, pm me and I'll sell mine. Its sitting in a box in the garage
  8. I noticed that recently my 2011 GT500 seems to surge under WOT. At times, when i try to do get a little agressive with the power, the engine seems to cut power and doesn't pick up till i lay off the gas and apply gradually. What could be the issue? The car spends most of its time in the garage so I don't think anything could be wrong mechanically. I do have a JLT CAI, VMP pulley/idler, VMP tune. I dont think any of the upgrades could be causing this. Am I having a bonehead moment and missing something that I shouldn't be???
  9. My issue is fixed. The machinist at RPM drilled out the broken bolt from the shaft then rethreaded it. Now what baffles me is that when he put the 2.59 pulley on, he didn't make it flush with the supercharger shaft. Is that normal? It sticks out a 1/8" off the from the beginning of the shaft. He told me that is normal due to if he made it flush the back of the pulley would make contact with the housing of the supercharger. Now is this wrong cause I recall that when the stock pulley was on it sat flush with the shaft. Can someone fill me in on this? Should I go ahead and push this pulley flush or leave it as is?
  10. Yeah i didnt have time to swap it back to stock so i drove to work slow as hell. No issues so far and hoping it doesn't ever give me one while I'm waiting to get this tune together.
  11. Got it machined out and now issue number 2. My tune from VMP wont take. Keeps saying my stock tune is corrupted. I can't win for losing. lol. VMP actually responded to my email today so I will try some of the troubleshooting techniques they told me about once I'm off from work. I will also be calling SCT tomorrow for further info.
  12. Yeah i thought that would be the case. I'm trying one las technique before going that route. maybe i can get it on all the way by heating it up for a lil while in the oven. is so i'm good till and then i can coordinate to have it swapped on my next off day. i gotta get this repaired before the morning lol.
  13. Good morning everyone. Well yesterday I installed my VMP pulley and idler. When I began to install the pulley the screw snapped inside the supercharger shaft. I contacted VMP and was told to drill it out which I tried to no success. The pulley is on most of the way and have less than 1/4" more to go on. What would be the most efficient or easiest way to put this on? If any of you are in the Jacksonville FL area and would like to come by and show me how to get this thing on then I'm buying the beers. I'm stomped and really would like to get this on without tearing apart the supercharger to install on a press. Any suggestions????
  14. If driving in the wet is an issue, I suggest to look into Mickey's drag raidials. Most of the folks I know are using them as daily driven tires/track tires and never had much of a complaint in the wet.
  15. I'm using Falken FK 453's. They are a heck of a lot cheaper than most of what's out there and Consumer Reports have them ranked as being a pretty good tire. I do break away in first but once they hook i'm good to go. But I guess when you're trying to launch a 500+hp car there's not much you can do about the wheels spinning. But since you are talking about drag radials, check out MT's drag radials or even the Nitto 555 series. But I really enjoy the Falkens due to them being a high performance tire that's cost effective. Many folks will pass on them but Falken tires have race history and still being used in races today. I'm sure they're not going to skimp on performance like many of the new tire companies on the scene.
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